Tamanu Oil - Certified Organic

  • Tamanu Oil - Certified Organic-healingscents
  • Tamanu Oil - Certified Organic-healingscents

You know all too well the pain and irritation that comes along with certain skin disorders. Eczema, acne, infected nails, and psoriasis are a few of many inflammatory conditions you suffer from. It can be difficult to find a natural remedy to treat these conditions. With Tamanu Oil - Certified Organic blend, you have that "miracle" solution in a bottle.

Tamanu oil is powerful and contains healing capabilities to treat various skin conditions and disorders. It is organic, and there are no artificial ingredients in the blend. We abide by cruelty-free testing standards. This means no animals get hurt during testing. And, Tamanu oil is 100 percent plant-based, for the highest purity standards possible.

Tamanu Oil is so potent that users can apply it on its own or blend it as a carrier oil when treating different skin conditions, inflammation, or irritation. It is available in a 30 ml and a 60 ml dropper bottle size. 

You can treat a wide range of lingering pains and skin conditions, with this one little dropper bottle of Tamanu Oil. If you suffer from arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, acne, sunburns, or cracked and dry skin, this oil is a miracle solution that you are searching for.

It's easy to apply and only requires a couple of drops to provide effective benefits to users. It is directly sourced from Madagascar and contains only natural ingredients in the mix. You don't have to worry about allergies, irritation, or other skin conditions flaring up when using our organic product lines.

Certified Organic Tamanu Oil

Cruelty FreeNo Artificial FragranceNo Artificial Colorants100% Plant Based

By Healingscents in Gibsons, British Columbia.