Brass Incense Holder

  • Brass Incense Holder - Waterlilies And Company
  • Brass Incense Holder - Waterlilies And Company

A chic incense holder made of brass ideal for those prefering a minimalist look. All you need to do is place it on a non-flammable plate that is stable and sufficiently large. Then follow by:

  • Lighting the black end of the incense using a lighter or a match
  • Hold the flame until it holds the flame
  • Wait for flame to burn for a few seconds
  • Blow out the flame
  • Smoke will start to rise and the fragrance will start to be dispersed in the room
  • Only burn in a well ventilated area and do not leave unattended

Incense sold separately.

The holder is approximately 3/4" tall.


By Province Apothecary in Toronto, Ontario.