When lotions just won’t do the job and you desperately need your skin hydrated, moisturized and softer, then it’s time to call in the body butters. These are thicker than body lotions and penetration much deeper into the skin, ensuring that your skin feels softer and smoother in just one application. Not only are body butters easy to use, but they smell great and work fast. Most body butters are made from those moisturizing heavy hitters like shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil. You’ll find that ours come in a variety of natural scents that you’ll adore. Just a few that you’ll find are peppermint, citrus and vanilla. Take your pick and choose your favorite scent. It’s time to reclaim that soft and smooth skin. Body butters are simple to use, just rub them on and wait for them to work their magic. When lotion just won’t cut it, call in the body butter and you’ll see the difference.