Perfect Bath

There's nothing quite as therapeutic and instantly relaxing as sinking up to your nose in a warm, bubbly bath. In fact, science says so!

Researchers confirm that hot baths reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure, allowing all the stress of a long day to literally melt right off the second we step in.

Yet, did you know there's an art to preparing the perfect bath? Though you can still enjoy its incredible benefits by just running water and soaking, there are many ways to amplify the experience, as well.

Today, we're discussing how to create an environment of peace and pampering in and around your bath. These simple steps can transform the process from a routine activity into something much more indulgent.

Ready to learn more? Let's hop in!


1. Set the Scene

Are you walking over a mountain of toys to get to your tub? Is there a television buzzing loudly nearby, with all of the lights turned on? Finding your inner zen will be difficult in such a setting.

Take a few minutes before you start running the water to create a soothing ambiance. Instead of overhead lighting, turn off the lights and place a few candles around the room.

You might also diffuse a few essential oils to invigorate your senses. From chamomile to lavender, there is a wide range of scents that can instantly turn your bathroom into a spa.

2. Gather Your Accessories

Next, bring in anything you might enjoy reading or watching during your bath. This might mean rolling in a cart and propping your laptop on it to catch up on your favorite show. Or, you may grab that book you've been trying to get through or that stack of magazines on the coffee table.

This is also an ideal time to turn on some music. While some might find loud rock music to be relaxing, try to stick to slower tempo tunes to encourage a calm bath.

Not sure which songs to pick? Check out this playlist of 25 peaceful songs to get started.

It doesn't matter what you take into the room with you, just make sure it's all within arm's reach. This way, when you're ready to step in, you don't have to get out again.

Don't forget a beverage! From hot tea to wine, what you sip is up to you.

Then, once you're all set up, ditch all unnecessary technology. Need your phone to play those relaxing melodies? That's fine, but turn it on airplane mode to block incoming texts and those social media notifications we can't help but check.

3. Don't Forget Your Head

Nothing ruins the perfect bath like trying to strain your neck to read or having to rest it on the back of the hard tub. While you can invest in a fancy bath pillow, a rolled-up towel can do the trick if you're in a pinch.

Place it at the nape of your neck. That way, you can lead back and relax in total comfort.

4. Pour Your Water

Sure, this step seems pretty straightforward. However, this is the time you can get creative with your bath and add in some great products to kick it up a notch.

Start with hot water, then gradually add colder water until you reach your ideal temperature. While you don't want to sit in a bath that's too warm, try to get the water as hot as you can comfortably stand it. This will get your heart pumping and generate some healthy steam.

Are you struggling with a post-summer cold? Sit near the tub and inhale the steam as it rises. This can help open your sinuses and provide you with immediate relief.

While the tub is filling up, you can add bath salts, bubbles, essential oils, or a combination of the three.

Are your muscles sore after a long day or a strenuous workout? If so, opt for the salts. They're naturally detoxifying and nutrient-rich, allowing you to heal your body from the outside in.

Want to have a little bit of fun and embrace your inner kid? Wondering how to make the perfect bubble bath? It's as simple as you think!

Just squirt a little bit into your running water and watch the suds instantly appear. If yours has a screw-top instead of a pump, one tablespoon of the solution is usually all you need to create big, playful bubbles.

5. Apply a Face Mask

Once your water is ready, take an extra minute before hopping in. This will allow the hot water to cool slightly to a comfortable temperature and also gives you a second to perform another act of self-care: putting on a face mask!

Face masks are ideal any time of the day and can work wonders in resetting and rejuvenating your complexion. Yet, when they're worn around hot water, they turn into real superheroes. Sitting in a hot bath will open your pores and allow the ingredients in the mask to sink even deeper into your skin.

So, if you have a long mane, throw it up and out of your face. Then, slather on your favorite mask and you're ready to go! Let it sit on your face for the recommended time, then wash it off in the water.

6. Prepare Your Skin

With your face mask on, run a dry brush over the rest of your body right before getting in.

Dry brushing can help remove lingering dead skin cells, boost your circulation, and prepare your skin for the detox it's about to experience.

Remember, you don't have to brush too hard! Just a light, circular motion is all you need to get the full effect.

7. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

While you're in the process of turning into a raisin, now is the best time to use a body scrub to slough away dead skin. For the ultimate experience, apply a coarse bath scrub with a pair of exfoliating bath mitts.

This step will also help to improve your blood circulation and allow your moisturizer to sink in as effectively as possible, which brings us to our next step!

8. Moisturize Post-Bath

The time right after your bath is critical. Your skin is at its most supple and is ready to absorb anything you put on it. So, what you choose to slather yourself with is important.

While body lotion is a great way to moisturize throughout the day, try a body oil right as you step out of the tub.

Highly concentrated and able to absorb deeply, these will offer a richer and longer lasting coat of moisture. Play around with different scents to find one that's just right for you. Then, apply it from head to toe.

You'll be amazed at how touchable and silky your skin feels!

9. Wrap Up in Comfort

Who wants to exit the glorious haven that is a hot bath and immediately wrap up in an old, scratchy towel? The same goes for that threadbare bathrobe you've had since high school.

To really complete the perfect bath, it's important to finish strong. Invest in a few oversized towels that are as soft and fluffy as they are big. Then, go a step further and find a comfy robe you'll never want to take off.

The time after your bath, your body will still be in relaxation mode. Allow it to continue its rest by surrounding yourself with cushy comfort. Bonus points if you slip on some velvety slippers!

10. Rinse, Rest and Repeat

A great bath can reset our whole day, regardless of how overwhelming it was. To achieve its maximum effects, try establishing a bathtime routine that you can look forward to.

Over time, your skin will become softer as you continue to pamper and care for yourself better. Leave those accessories sitting out to remind you of the relaxation that awaits.

Run Your Perfect Bath Tonight

After reading this, are you ready to shut out the world and indulge in a hot bath right this very second? Even in the middle of the day, a hot bath is a reward like none other.

When it's time to soak, let us take care of the guesswork for you.

Our shop is stocked with everything you need to run the perfect bath. From salts and soaps to skincare and makeup, we have the goods to help you feel and look your best.

For an even more luxurious soak, check out our milk bath products! A centuries-old tradition, milk baths optimize the healing powers of magnesium and vitamin C.

Even ancient populations knew this valuable truth: A hot bath is the cure for whatever ails you!


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