Vegan Makeup

In the last three years, there has been a 600% increase in people identifying as vegans in just the United States.

It’s a growing trend that isn’t going away. And that’s a good thing because there is a lot to love about veganism.

While food is at the front and center of the vegan movement, there are other ways to go vegan.

You can wear animal-friendly clothing and avoid leather products. Then there’s your makeup.

And there’s a lot to love about vegan makeup. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits.

Fewer Ingredients in Vegan Makeup

When it comes to products you consume or place on your body, the fewer ingredients, the better.

That’s because products made from a lot of ingredients usually contain extra stuff that’s not really great for your body. Choosing vegan makeup means you’re placing natural, healthy ingredients on your face.

And your face will thank you for it.

Better Ingredients

It’s amazing what certain plants can do for your face or body. We all know cucumbers are a healthy food to ingest. They are great for your digestion.

But they are also great for hydrating your skin. That’s why people place them over their eyes.

Vegan makeup contains better ingredients. As a result, they tend to work more effectively than their not-so-natural-ingredients counterparts.

No Animal Testing

The truth is that each year over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused thanks to lab testing.

It doesn’t have to happen. You can make a difference just by purchasing vegan makeup because none of the companies making vegan products would ever allow animal testing.

If you’re on the fence about animal testing, Europe, India, and Israel have all already banned animal testing for cosmetics. If they can do it, we can, too.

No Animal By-Products In Vegan Makeup

As if animal testing isn’t bad enough, many regular cosmetic products also contain animal by-products.

Meaning you might be putting makeup on your face that contains uric acid extracted from cows and dead insect extracts. Not exactly ingredients most of us want on our face.

What’s worse, is that in many cases, there are plant-based ingredients that work just as effectively or even better.

Better Packaging For The Environment

For many vegans, it’s not just about eating healthier. Veganism is a lifestyle choice.

Which means, not only do we vegan want to save our favorite animals, we also want to save the planet.

Vegan makeup manufacturers focus primarily on being environmentally friendly. That includes the types of packaging and other materials they consume to create their product.

You can rest easy knowing that everything from the design to the packaging to the ingredients was well researched with a commitment to the environment from start to finish.

The Cost Isn’t As Expensive As You Think

Many consumers shy away from vegan makeup because they think it’s too expensive.

However, since they usually work better than their non-vegan counterparts, it makes it worth the money to use a better quality brand of makeup.

And, vegan makeup accessories are actually cheaper than the man-made and natural accessories available. They also tend to last longer.

Your Skin Will Soak It Up

There’s nothing worse than dry skin, especially when it’s on your face. When you use vegan products, you won’t have to worry.

Your dry skin will disappear because most of the products contain a lot of water.

And plant-based ingredients are more readily absorbed into your skin. When you put together better ingredients with extra water, your skin will look amazing in no time.

Better For Sensitive Skin

Some people have sensitive skin. Certain ingredients don’t react well to their skin, including ingredients commonly found in makeup.

However, when people switch to using makeup that’s vegan, it becomes much more difficult for your skin to become irritated. That’s due to the natural ingredients that your skin craves.

If you’re worried, you can add essential oils that you know you won’t react with as a way to personalize your skin care regimen.

Better For Oily Skin

Even those with oily skin can rejoice now that vegan skincare products are available.

Makeup made from plant-derived ingredients actually helps to hydrate your skin. And that hydration aids in getting rid of that oily sheen on your face.

As you continue to use healthier products your skin will no longer be begging for extra moisture. The end result is a flawless complexion.

Added Benefits

Women tend to use makeup for two reasons. First, to enhance their natural beauty.

Second, to hide their least favorite flaws like signs of aging, eye bags, and acne scars. Vegan makeup helps women bring out their best, naturally.

That’s because most vegan products contain natural ingredients with high volumes of vitamins. The end result is that you can end up preventing signs of aging, eye bags, and reducing scars just by using the makeup.

And you might even find your skin begins to glow as it can now breath properly even when you’re wearing makeup.

Fewer Chemicals

When you eat a bag of Doritos, it’s not a surprise if you don’t feel well afterward. You’re not expecting to feel energized because you just ate a bag full of chemicals.

Tasty chemicals, but ones your body won’t react positively to.

The same is true for your makeup. When you place chemicals on your face, your body will have a reaction. And in most cases, the reaction isn’t positive.

There are fewer risks using vegan ingredients than there are with chemicals.

You Know What You’re Buying

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to be a better consumer by reading the back of the labels on products only to feel stupid because you don’t know what most of them are.

But then again, that’s usually a sign that you’re about to buy a whole lot of chemicals.

When you buy vegan products, you understand what you’re buying. It’s an easy label to read. And it’s one that fills you with pride because you’re buying quality for yourself and the environment.

Go Vegan

Every time you go to make a purchase, you’re not only making a decision to live a healthier, better life. You’re also telling corporate America that you demand better quality products from them.

And they’re listening. More companies are choosing to put natural, healthy ingredients in their products.

Make a choice and go vegan. Click here to buy our favorite vegan makeup products.

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