Natural Shampoo

People ask- how is using natural shampoo different from using the ones that you see lining the supermarket shelves? Are there beauty benefits that you can gain, aside from the product being environmentally friendly and good for our Earth?

There’s more to it than just being ecologically aware, though. Biodegradable shampoo has many benefits that put it over the top when compared to lab or factory-made shampoos. You may have been fighting control over your hair for years without ever knowing why you can’t achieve naturally soft, shiny and silky hair. The truth is that all those chemicals in your shampoo may be the main culprit that hinders your hair from looking and feeling its best.

Natural soaps may not produce as much lather as traditional commercial shampoos, but you’ll feel the difference after the wash. Shampoo bar soaps won’t strip hair of its natural oils in the same manner as shampoos made from detergents do. Your hair will feel unusual the first time you use a natural shampoo soap, but this just means that the chemicals that are on your hair are being replaced by natural ingredients. After a week or two of being free from commercially-made liquid shampoo, you’ll start noticing that your hair is shinier and much softer than it has ever been. The added bonus here is that you can throw away your conditioner because you won’t need it anymore!

Three All-Important Benefits of Natural Shampoos

Natural shampoos are made of natural herb and plant extracts that provide the best nutrients for your hair and scalp. The fact that you can use any biodegradable shampoo without worrying about any side effects make it a must-have for your beauty regimen.

1. Natural Shampoos Are Rich In Botanical Ingredients

Natural shampoos and conditioners are all about mixing the right essential oils, botanical products and essences that provide the perfect balance of natural oils, vitamins and minerals for your hair follicles and skin cells. Shampoos made this way are not new- civilization has been making them for thousands of years!

Here’s a list of some of the most popular ones and the benefit they bring:

Lavender. Has a pleasantly sweet scent, coupled with potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Biodegradable shampoos made from lavender can make you calmer and more relaxed.

Rosemary. Has an abundance of antioxidants and can act as an effective anti-carcinogen agent.

Mint. One of the most common aromatherapy oil for good reason. It invigorates the scalp and wakes up the senses.

Grapefruit. As an essential oil, grapefruit does wonderful things to your hair. It eliminates dandruff, promotes hair cell growth and makes your hair naturally shiny.

Lime. The fresh, zesty aroma is often used in natural shampoos as a scent. It’s also used in many aromatherapy products.

Almond Extract. Has the ability to soothe dry, itchy scalp, thanks to its excellent emollient properties.

Sage. Sage is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent that helps clean hair naturally.

Tea Tree Oil. Known by other names such as melaleuca oil. This ingredient stands out because it has its own lineup of amazing beneficial properties when applied to hair.

Why You Should Use Tea Tree Oil Shampoo For Your Hair

Tea tree oil has been used in conjunction with so many other natural ingredients that it’s regarded closest to a miracle!

Tea tree oil is extracted from the melaleuca alternifolia plant which is native to Australia. Indigenous tribes have started using it for its excellent antifungal, antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Before long, people started noticing how it was beneficial as a beauty care ingredient. Are you longing for a longer, more beautiful and lustrous hair? Then you may want to start using tea tree oil as your first biodegradable shampoo.

– Hair Growth
Are you currently experiencing hair loss issues and bald spots? Tea tree oil can be the answer you’re looking for. There are plenty of myths floating around claiming that reversing hair loss conditions is not possible. But an intensive hair care treatment with natural tea tree oil shampoo opens up the hair follicles and gently encourages new hair growth without any side effects. The pores located at the scalp are unclogged, and the nutrients are free to get inside and work on the roots. The potency of tea tree oil as a hair growth product is such that a careful mix of ingredients is necessary to ensure success. What’s more, tea tree oil can make your hair thicker and more youthful-looking.

– Fights Dandruff
Dandruff is a condition where skin oil is produced at an excess, which then creates an infection on your scalp. The result is an abundance of scaling that’s characteristic to individuals afflicted with this itchy hair problem. Aside from the itch, the pores are blocked by the excess oil and become inflamed. Biodegradable shampoo, especially tea tree oil-based ones are particularly effective in bringing down oil production and unclogging the skin pores.

– Treats Head Lice
Melaleuca oil is a direct natural medicine against head lice. Regular use of earth friendly, biodegradable shampoo eliminates the food source of the lice, which gets rid of them as well. Tea tree oil shampoos rarely contain harsh chemicals that may lead to further scalp irritation. This makes them the go-to hair product that is very effective in treating severe head lice cases in children.

– Dry or Itchy Scalp
Tea tree oil works well in nourishing dry scalp. This ingredient moisturizes really well! All pore blockages are cleared out, which paves the way for the nutrients to go where you need them to. People often associate dandruff with an itchy scalp, but the truth is that one can have itchy scalp without having dandruff. Itchy scalps are often caused by allergic reactions, bacteria or the presence of fungi. Tea tree oil has been proven under lab conditions to be very effective in treating against all these scalp problems. In some instances, this miracle ingredient could even help with scalp folliculitis and scalp eczema.

– Fights Bacterial and Viral Infections
Biodegradable shampoos made from tea tree oil are great hair cleaners. The oil works by eliminating the dead skin cells so the bacteria that feed on it die off.
The powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial property of tea tree oil staves off any scalp infection that could come your way. These infections are the most common causes of scalp irritations. Tea tree oil naturally lowers the amount of flaking, odor, bacteria and thus lowers any potential hair or scalp problem you may experience.

– Prevents Hair Fall
You may start to panic if you see a few clumps of hair circling your shower drain. No one like to lose their precious head of hair, right? Hair fall is one of the most common hair disorder afflicting our society today. But with the help of tea tree oil, hair nutrients are replenished and your hair stays as strong and as healthy as ever. This is different from commercial hair shampoos that damage the hair instead of helping it grow.

2. Natural Shampoos Are Free of Artificial Fragrances and Synthetic Foaming Agents

If your commercially-bought shampoo still puts a sting on your eyes when it touches them, then chances are that your hair product is laden with harmful chemicals. Imagine the stinging sensation and how your commercial shampoo can do the same for your hair and scalp!

Visit a supermarket and pick one commercial shampoo off the shelf. You’ll notice that it advertises itself as “chemical-free”. But almost all commercial shampoos have one or more form of SLS and other toxic chemicals. Take for example, Cocoamide DEA, a detergent that’s a staple in many commercial shampoos. SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate, is an industrial ingredient that’s now being added to household cleaning products as well. What you should know is that SLS started out as an industrial floor cleaner! Moreover, this chemical causes blindness in adults and stunts eye development in kids, but is somehow still a part of around 90% of commercially-made shampoo products you see on the shelves.

Propylene glycol is an anti-freeze agent also found on the list of ingredients in synthetic shampoos. You’ll start to notice how the shampoo industry has cut important corners and started using cheaper chemical alternatives just for earning a bigger profit. You may wonder, why are these harmful chemicals put in shampoos? The answer is that these chemicals are cheap and can be produced in large vats. They provide short-term consumer satisfaction because they foam a lot and feel good initially. Your hair may feel clean right after you use store-bought shampoo. Also, business can profit more this way.

Our society is becoming more conscious of what they’re eating and what they’re using. This is a trend that won’t go away anytime soon. Biodegradable shampoo causes no chemical sensitivity and they do not contain trace amounts of SLES or SLS (sodium laureth sulfate or sodium laurel sulfate), or any of the chemicals mentioned above! SLS is known to cause an unusually dry scalp. No nutrients equals dry hair, which often leads to hair loss. The synthetic lab-made chemicals have been proven to accelerate hair loss, premature greying of hair and even male alopecia.

The chemicals we absorb in the scalp and skin goes in to our systems and cause havoc within. Our skin is the largest organ in our body. By using commercial shampoos you are inviting the risk of being harmed or even developing a deadly illness. Natural shampoos are made of organic ingredients such as essential oils, herbs and plant extracts for the best clean ever. The result is a much gentler solution which won’t harm your health or your body as you’re only using biodegradable ingredients found in nature.

When you substitute commercial shampoo with biodegradable shampoo, you get better hair care benefits without the risks of acquiring harmful carcinogens and irritants. You get unparalleled peace of mind knowing that you’re not putting unknown toxins in your hair which could lead to health problems down the road.

3. Natural Shampoo Is Suitable For All Hair Types

Hunting for the perfect shampoo in a supermarket or a beauty salon can prove to be a tiresome task. It depends on your scalp and hair’s condition- for example, if you have an itchy scalp, then naturally you’d want a biodegradable shampoo that has ingredients that soothe your scalp and make your hair less dry. If you’re experiencing falling hair, then you’d want a natural shampoo that makes your hair roots tougher and less susceptible to everyday damage.

Organic shampoos are great because you have everything you need in nature. Whether you have color-treated, dry, damaged or oily hair, chances are that there’s a perfect shampoo with the right mix of natural ingredients just waiting for you. Individuals who are especially allergic to certain chemicals can look forward to selecting any biodegradable shampoo because of its all-natural properties.

Plus, natural shampoos and body wash are environmentally friendly because they are made up of completely biodegradable materials instead of synthetic chemicals. The non-allergenic factor makes it the ideal shampoo product for all hair types. If you have colored hair, then biodegradable shampoos are the best as they help retain the color for a longer time. Best of all, the natural oils are left intact and any perm stays on fresher for longer periods.

Natural shampoos can come in either biodegradable soaps, body wash or shampoos and conditioners. If it’s your first time using a soap bar, then here’s how to get the most out of it:

Wet your hair thoroughly. Rub the wet soap bar between your hands or by using a cloth or a body sponge in order to form a lather. Massage the lather directly to your hair and scalp. It’s important to work up a good lather so you can gain the full effect. Make sure you rinse thoroughly as well!

You can repeat the whole washing process if needed. Experts say the first wash is all about removing the dirt and everyday buildup in your hair, while the second wash is all about making it clean.

Natural shampoo bars last up to five times longer as compared to liquid commercial shampoo. There’s also no carbon footprint to speak of because there’s no plastic bottle.

The benefits of using natural shampoo extends far beyond your personal health. Most commercial shampoos don’t stop their destructive ways even after they’ve been used. They tend to wash down sewer systems and rivers, where they poison fish and kill aquatic micro-organisms. Natural shampoo breaks down into harmless components and they don’t contain toxins that could damage the ecosystem. You’ll be supporting a green product that works wonders for your hair!

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