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There are so many keywords and phrases that companies expect us to look for when we are shopping for skin care. Natural, organic, chemical-free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly are just some of the buzzwords that we see every time we shop the beauty aisle. But none of these terms are easy to understand because some of them are wildly misleading.

“Natural” can mean “we used a few natural ingredients” and “cruelty-free” can mean “we don’t test on animals in America, but China is totally fair game.” It’s important that we, as consumers, know how to read labels.

It’s important for your skin care to be natural. This can benefit your overall health and gives your skin the purest ingredients available.

Many major brands are starting to see how we want natural and organic skin care. It’s time to take advantage of that and treat your body by switching to all natural skin care.

What Does Organic Mean?

If you see a label on a beauty product that says that it is USDA certified organic, that means that at least 95% of its ingredients come from a plant and that farmers didn’t use pesticides to grow them. They also used organic farming methods to produce them. These methods work to recycle and promote important biodiversity.

What Are Some of the Benefits?

There are a lot of benefits of using organic skin care and one could argue that there are virtually no drawbacks. Here are just a few of the amazing things that can happen when you make the switch to all natural and organic.

Better For You

Your skin is your largest organ, and it’s also your most vulnerable. Think about all the stuff your skin has to deal with every day. It comes in contact with everything, it gets cut and scraped and introduced to harmful chemicals.

It’s so important to consider your skin care when you think about how your skin works. It’s a giant sponge taking in everything you put on it, whether it’s good or bad.

Now if you’re using lotions, creams, makeup, and other products that have harmful chemicals in them, this is very bad. And that gets even scarier when you consider that a lot of chemicals aren’t even tested so we have no idea that possible health risks associated with them.

Normal products don’t have just one or two untested, harmful chemicals in them. They’ve got hundreds. And your skin is soaking all of that up and delivering it to your bloodstream.

When you use organic skin care, you know what you’re using. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals and what they could do to your body. Organic skin care contains ingredients that have been researched and are tested to be safe for your body.

Your body also won’t see these products as a foreign agent. This is one of the main reasons why dermatologists suggest switching to all natural products.

Better for Your Skin

Another big problem in the beauty industry is that there aren’t many regulations about what manufacturers can place in their products. The FDA regulates the standards of food and drugs.

If you don’t trust the FDA for your food, imagine what they do (or don’t do) for your skin care products. The FDA doesn’t pay attention to these products and they place virtually no restriction on what manufacturers can place in them.

And whatever regulations they do have, companies have loopholes that they can use to get around them.

This means that they can put basically whatever they want in your skin care products. They can throw in dangerous chemicals, known irritants, and unnecessary fillers and these aren’t good for your skin. They can irritate the skin and deteriorate its health.

However, when you switch to natural beauty products, you don’t have to worry about these harmful chemicals. They have nutritional value that will support your skin.

These products are gentle and mild and they are made from the finest organic ingredients on the market. They don’t contain any lab-made ingredients.

The Smell

When everything in a skin care product is natural and organic, it smells better. This is because the smell is natural and not full of artificial perfumes. Your rose cream is actually created from real rose water and those essential oils are derived from an actual plant.

After a while, you’ll be able to sniff out the difference in a real fragrance and an artificial one and you won’t ever want to go back to the fake ever again.

But just because a product is natural doesn’t mean you won’t experience irritation, because natural sources can be irritants as well. Just think about allergies.

If you’re breakout prone, test the product on a swatch of skin before you use it everywhere. And to make sure that your product has a natural fragrance, search for the words “natural fragrance” or “fragrance-free” on the bottle.

Soft Skin

Drugstore and luxury brands actually add drying agents to their products. Even when their products are moisturizing, they add these drying chemicals. This is because they want you to keep coming back to buy more, right?

Make sure that your products are free from drying agents by checking for the words “sulfate free.” And when you buy and use organic, natural skin care, you know you aren’t messing with any of those chemicals.

Clear Skin

This is a possibility for some people. Not every natural skin care product will be one that can clear up your skin. And everyone has a different tolerance for different ingredients.

If you currently deal with unnatural ingredients and you suffer from breakouts, consider switching your products out one at a time. Give your skin plenty of time to adjust before you decide to keep your change or nix it.

Protection from Premature Aging

It’s no secret that sun exposure causes your skin to age prematurely. If your makeup is created from natural minerals, it will provide some level of sun protection, for the most part. Your facial skin is much thinner and susceptible to the sun than the rest of your body. This is why you should choose a mineral-rich organic skin care product.

They can also provide lots of vitamin C, which has shown to shield your skin from the sun. Make sure you choose natural skin care products especially in the summer months when the sun is really strong.

Cheaper in the Long Run

If you’ve purchased all natural skin care before, you probably know that it can be a little more expensive at face value than the inorganic stuff.

But the average consumer purchases things from many different brands with a lot of different prices. If you replace your luxury designer brands with organic brands, you’re probably spending a lot less. And if your new natural skin care regimen works, you’ll be spending less in terms of the sheer volume of products you purchase.


Many natural skin care products are natural and biodegradable. A lot of these product lines are trying hard when it comes to protecting your skin, sure, but they’re also focusing on the earth as well.

If being eco-friendly is your goal here, search for products that come in reusable, recyclable jars. If a company creates their product using a safe, renewable energy, that’s even better.

Better Performance

All natural and organic skin care products also perform better. They give your skin a superior amount of care and nourishment that will last for a long time. If you use these products over time, your skin will be healthier and happier.

Vegan, Non-GMO, and Cruelty-Free Skin Care– What’s the Difference?

When you talk about organic skin care, you hear a number of these buzzwords, as we mentioned earlier. But what exactly do those terms mean?


If a package has a cruelty free sticker, it means that there were no animals harmed in the creation or testing of the products. Just make sure that you do your research on a brand before deciding to buy because sometimes this can be misleading.


Vegan is a term used to show that a product doesn’t have any animal or animal-derived ingredients. These products were also not tested on animals.


GMOs are genetically modified organisms, and scientists create them in a lab to increase production rates. Products that are certified Non-GMO are products that feature only all-natural ingredients, the way nature intended.

The Dangers of Synthetic Chemicals

Having a lot of synthetic chemicals in your body can be dangers. These chemicals can be toxic because they don’t occur naturally in the body. According to the FDA, many of these chemicals are even associated with diseases.

For example, parabens are found in a lot of different products today. There are actually studies that link parabens to skin and breast cancer. In fact, there are many lab-created ingredients that are known to be carcinogens.

When you use these products every day, you’re taking an incredible risk.

Non-organic antiperspirants and deodorants have aluminum, which is toxic and can get deeply absorbed into your skin. This gets trapped in your armpits and can develop over time in the skin with continued use.

Look for deodorants with pure, natural ingredients that have both antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Then you won’t have to worry about some of the potential health risks that come with aluminum, like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Also, if you have psoriasis and eczema, using harsh additives like alcohol, fake dyes, artificial fragrance, petroleum, talc, and phthalates can actually cause your skin even more damage. They’re drying and strip out the moisture from your skin.

The Best Natural Ingredients

If you are considering the switch to organic skin care products, you might wonder what ingredients to look for. Here are some that you should keep an eye out for and include in your daily routine.

Rosemary Extract

Rosemary extract is an antioxidant that can help to protect your skin from pollution and impurities. It does this with its natural antiseptic properties.

Green Tea

Green tea is great for your body in so many ways, but you don’t just get a benefit from drinking it. Green tea can make your skin look young and healthy with an even complexion. It boosts the skin’s natural moisture and helps it to stay hydrated over time.

Shea Butter

Shea butter should be your first stop when looking to soothe dry skin. It’s an emollient that will give your skin more moisture immediately. It also creates a youthful glow by putting a moisture barrier on the skin.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal removes toxins and impurities from the skin. It has serious detox skills and is one of the best natural ingredients you can use to help clear up blackheads and acne.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is rich in antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties and cleanses the skin. Also, it smells really nice.

Organic Skin Care for a Healthy Life

If you use organic skin care products you are giving your body access to the vast amount of advantages that these ingredients have. You let your skin and body heal itself when you approach beauty with a purely natural attitude.

This shouldn’t be a difficult decision to make, you need to choose right now to create a healthier lifestyle so your skin can reap the benefits.

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