Natural Liquid SoapEver heard of natural liquid soaps, or more specifically, liquid castile soaps? Below, you'll get to see just how beneficial castile soaps are in more than half a dozen ways.

What Is A Natural Liquid Soap?

Castile soap can either be a hard soap or a liquid soap, and are created using natural vegetable oils. In the past, these kinds of soaps were created wholly from olive oils, which means they contained no animal fat or tallow, ingredients that are so prevalent in soaps, detergents and shampoos nowadays.

The beauty of natural liquid soaps is that they can be used not only for beauty and skin purposes, but also for general cleaning purposes as well. They can also be scented with essential oils from different natural sources.

Benefits of Natural Liquid Soap

1. Made From 100% Natural Ingredients

Take a look at your local soap aisle and pick out any soap. Check the list of ingredients on the label- chances are you won't recognize even half of them. What's more, these ingredients may more or less have toxins that interfere with our overall health and well-being.

Our skin easily absorbs chemicals. For this reason some chemicals could be more harmful if absorbed by the skin as compared to ingesting them. These chemicals head straight to the bloodstream without being filtered instead of being eliminated by the acids in our stomach. With prolonged use of these toxins, it's only a matter of time before you start seeing the harmful effects.

Liquid soaps made from natural sources only contain water, jojoba oil, hemp oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, coconut oil and essential oils. Chances are, if a natural soap is branded as a castile soap, then you're putting only the safest and the most natural ingredients on your body.

2. Little To No Environmental Impact

Because natural liquid soaps do not contain tallow, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens and all that, no harmful chemicals will be released to the environment when you're finished using it. Chemical-laden artificial soaps go down the drain and out into the rivers and streams, polluting the environment the more you use them.

Castile liquid soaps don't contain anything that could prove to be harmful for your skin, and therefore you won't need gloves when you use them to clean your home.

The bottom line is that they do not have toxic anti-bacterial agents, artificial fragrances, agents, chemical detergents and foaming agents. What's more, all of the packaging used in organic liquid soaps come in post-recycled bottles and are completely biodegradable.

3. Under The Fair Trade Umbrella

Castile soaps are a banner that you can support if you're into consumer Fair Trade practices. All the ingredients that go into making natural liquid soaps are vegetable-based and 100% organic. Moreover, they are sourced according to fair trade principles. It's not uncommon to see castile soaps that are made of the good stuff- jojoba, hemp, olive and coconut oils.

The superior quality of the ingredients used, the positive impact on the environment and the ethical aspect make organic liquid soaps the better alternative to most consumer soap products. The beneficial ingredients are safe for vegan practitioners.

Popular brands of liquid castile soap do not test their products on animals, are packaged with recyclable materials and are priced fairly. They are GMO free and 100 percent organic.

4. Baby and Pet-Safe

Any product that doesn't contain harmful toxins, ingredients and chemicals are safe for even the most sensitive skin applications, which include pet or baby use. Natural liquid soaps are made from natural ingredients- they do not contain skin irritants and other poisons that could be absorbed through the skin. This aspect is especially important if you're bathing your baby or your dog with it.

Look for a liquid castile soap that doesn't have essential oils listed if you intend to use it for your baby or pet. Keep the soap from reaching your infant's or dog's eyes as they aren't tear-free. Most tear-free formulations include a synthetic agent that's a chemical additive. You'll have a worry-free time as the soap won't irritate your child's skin.

5. Clean Lathering Ability

Natural liquid soap is remarkably excellent on both soft and hard water environments. Don't be surprised if the result of washing via liquid castile soap results in a clean and fluffy lather. The primary reason for this is that the potassium hydroxide separates the oils into glycerine and soap, which then requires less water in order to build up a good lather.

This clean ability to lather translates quite well if you're looking for a good cleaning agent for your automobile. Liquid castile soap diluted with a bit of water does a gentle, yet effective job of cleaning your car's exterior. You can apply it on, then wash it with water without worrying about leaving stubborn soap and water streaks.

6. No Super Bacteria

Soaps and cleaning agents that are labeled "anti-bacterial" may be good for short-term use, but you'll better be prepared for the super bacteria that results from constant use. The process of cleaning with these soaps encourage the proliferation of hard to kill bugs. The culprit is triclosan, which is a strong chemical that's also listed as a pesticide under the EPA list.

7. Incredibly Versatile

Last but not the least, natural liquid soap can be used in a variety of ways in the home. For starters, you can add one tablespoon of liquid castile soap to one quart of water to make an all-purpose, natural cleanser. Its excellent ability to eliminate dirt and grime from most surfaces make it one of the best cleaning solutions in the market.

You can use castile soap as a dog shampoo, as a toilet cleaner, a natural pesticide, an exterior window wash, an automotive shampoo, a floor cleaner, a soft laundry detergent, as a dishwashing liquid, to clean your fruits and vegetables of lingering pesticides, as a shaving cream, a toothpaste, a body wash, combined with coconut milk to make shampoo and as a foaming hand wash. You'll have an all-in-one multipurpose cleaner and a liquid soap you can use for your whole body.

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