Natural Toothpaste

You do everything you can to keep yourself and your family healthy and happy. You buy healthy organic food as often as possible, and you stay active. But have you stopped to think about the products you use for personal hygiene?

Big brand toothpaste is loaded with chemicals that can harm you and your children. So what do you do for oral hygiene if big brand toothpaste isn't safe? Read on to learn why natural toothpaste is the best option for your family.

Natural Toothpaste Does Not Contain Flouride (and That's a Good Thing)

Fluoride is a controversial ingredient in both toothpaste and our water. But what is it exactly, and why is it so popular with dentists and big brands of toothpaste?

Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally found in all types of water, even in the ocean. It protects against cavities and tooth decay in both adults and children by absorbing into the enamel of your teeth and repairing damage caused by the loss of calcium and phosphorous. Sounds like a good thing, right?

The main concern about fluoride is that we're getting too much of it. While it occurs naturally in water, we're so fond of it that we add more of it to our water supply. Combine the fluoride we're getting in our water with the fluoride in our dental products and you have the potential for dental fluorosis in children.

Children are at risk for dental fluorosis while their teeth are forming, particularly when they're under the age of two. Mild forms of fluorosis appear as white spots on children's teeth while more severe forms manifest as brown stains and weak teeth.

Fluoride has also been attributed to an increase in bone fractures and decreased IQ in the children of mothers who drink fluoridated water during pregnancy. With all these risks, it's best to steer clear of excessive fluoride consumption by avoiding fluoridated dental products and stick with natural toothpaste that does not contain fluoride.

No Unhealthy Chemical Ingredients

Have you ever sat down and looked at the ingredients of your big brand toothpaste? If you haven't, you might be surprised at what you find on that list. Expect to find ingredients like PVM/MA copolymer, propylene glycol, saccharin, and FD&C blue no. 1. 

Propylene glycol is an ingredient commonly found in antifreeze and saccharin is an artificial sweetener that has been linked to cancer in lab tests. If you are uncomfortable with these ingredients, then you absolutely need to make the switch to natural toothpaste so you can be sure that your body is free from potentially harmful chemicals.

They Don't Rely On Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Triclosan to Be Effective

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a surfactant found in most big brands of toothpaste (and body washes and shampoos). It is responsible for the foamy clean feeling you feel when you brush your teeth and wash your hair. Triclosan is an antimicrobial agent added to toothpaste to prevent gingivitis.

Both sodium lauryl sulfate and triclosan are controversial ingredients that you won't find in natural toothpaste. Why? Unsurprisingly, anything that you put on your body topically can be absorbed into your body, and that fact means that you have to be mindful of the risks associated with those chemicals.

Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate can cause irritation if there's prolonged exposure to the chemical. It's meant to be rinsed off shortly after use, but since you use toothpaste two or more times a day, your risk for irritation is higher than using things like shampoo and body wash. It has also been labeled as an endocrine disruptor. 

Like sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan has been demonstrated to be an endocrine disruptor that throws your endocrine system of whack by impacting the hormones found in your thyroid. It's best to avoid these products if you are concerned about the possible health effects.

A Stress-Free Way to Start Good Dental Habits

It's undeniable that there's a tension between good oral hygiene using big brands of dental products and your overall health. That knowledge can make teaching your children good dental habits can cause you a ton of stress. You may be thinking "what are the long term implications for my child when they use this product?"

Natural toothpaste allows you to teach your children good habits without worrying about the products hurting them in other ways in the long run. They'll get the same great benefits and you'll get peace of mind. It's a win-win situation!

Great for Those Who Are Vegan

When you're vegan, you know what ingredients to avoid in your food and you feel confident that your clothing and beauty products are cruelty-free. But did you know that conventional toothpaste may bot be vegan? 

Almost all brands of toothpaste contain glycerin. Glycerin is traditionally made from animal fat, but it can also be created synthetically or from plants. Unless the toothpaste label specifically names the source of the glycerin, you cannot be sure where it came from.

The good news is that most brands of natural toothpaste label their products as vegan so you'll have peace of mind when you're brushing your teeth.

Start Brushing with Natural Toothpaste Today!

Maintaining great oral health shouldn't mean that you and your family should have to use products that pose risks to your overall health. Natural toothpaste is free from harmful fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate and it is just as effective as big brand toothpaste. Plus, on top of all of its benefits, it's affordable, too!

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