3 Simple Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

Fighting the signs of aging and keeping the skin youthful is one of the main things women look for when choosing skin care products.

While the skin care products you choose are certainly important (toxic ingredients won’t benefit your skin in any way), did you know that a good skincare regime is just one step out a few that contribute to a youthful complexion?

A healthy skin that ages beautifully and gracefully comes down to a holistic approach and focuses on beauty from the inside out and the outside in, not just what you apply externally to your skin.

To help you make sure you retain your beautiful youthful complexion for years to come, here are three of our favorite, simple anti-aging skin care tips.


Hydrate your skin cells

Nothing hydrates the skin cells quite like pure, filtered water.

Water helps to hydrate the skin cells from the inside out, keeping them nourished while contributing to a dewy glow with a reduced risk of aging.

Aim for 8 glasses a day, more when you’re sweating outside. To make your water even more nourishing, add a slice of lemon to brighten and detoxify, or cucumber for extra hydration and to fight bloat. Adding a few leaves of fresh mint will also aid in digestion, which is so important for a healthy complexion, as toxins in the gut can contribute to skin problems.


Wear sunscreen year long

Sunscreen should be your holy grail product, because not only does it reduce your risk of skin cancer, it fights the signs of aging too.

The sun is your skin’s worst enemy and nothing ages the skin faster than the harmful UV rays.

Most people still don’t realize that sun damage occurs throughout the year, no matter the weather… yepp, even during those hellish Winter days!

Overexposure to the sun over a long period of time can result in wrinkles, sagging skin and even hyperpigmentation.

Apply sunscreen all over your face, ears and neck and any other exposed areas of skin while lounging outdoors. SPF 30 or higher is ideal, nothing below that.

Just in case you’re unaware, it certainly matters what type of sunscreen you’re using because just like anything else when it comes to your skincare… toxins should be nowhere near your body!

Our selection of Canadian made sunscreens are formulated with all natural minerals and no harmful chemicals, so you can feel good about using them on the whole family.


Don’t say no to serums

More concentrated than moisturizers, serums contain a blend of water and oils allowing them to sink deeper into the pores where they can target your specific skin care concerns at a cellular level.

They are also a lot more concentrated and brimming in anti-aging antioxidants to fight off free radicals that may contribute to aging.

We offer a range of beautiful serums with ingredients including argan oil, CoQ10 and rosehip oil, just to mention a few.

While these tips may seem simple, trust us when we tell you they work. Other important tips are to find healthy ways to manage your stress, as stress can age the skin as well as to follow a clean diet. These are a few of our favourite foods for youthful skin.

Try incorporating these simple tips for aging gracefully into your daily life and watch your skin reward you!

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