Natural Makeup RoutineAre you ready for a win-win makeup routine? The natural, "no makeup makeup" look is the way to go!

The natural makeup look is a gift from the universe for all women. A "no makeup makeup" look means that you wear makeup in a way that isn't obvious to others. It's all about definition rather than drama.

It's an easy way to boost the look and feel of your skin. And enhance the beautiful details of your face without looking like you've covered yourself in cake flour.

And the win-win comes from using all natural products to achieve this natural look. When you use natural products, it helps your skin, your body, and the environment. Combine these two ideas to create a lovely makeup routine that will make you happy to put on your face every day.

In this article, we'll give you a great natural makeup routine to follow in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Skincare

If you want to achieve the best natural-looking makeup, you must work on perfecting your skincare routine. After all, your skin is the highlight of the show when you choose to focus on natural makeup. You want your skin to glow!

Let's take a look at the main areas of skincare.

Skin Cleanser

Your basic skin routine should be a non-negotiable part of your day. When you wake and when you go to sleep every night, wash your face. The kind of facewash you choose should be a good fit for your skin.

You always want a natural facewash to keep excess chemicals out of your pores. We recommend the Aloe Vera and Grapefruit Gel Cleanser made by the Green Beaver Company. Their ingredients list is simple and natural.

This gel cleanser is great for sensitive skin and those with acne. But there are literally hundreds of facial cleansers on the market to choose from. Keep in mind the moisture levels of your environment and your skin when you choose a cleanser.

Another thing you might consider when choosing a moisturizer is getting one that exfoliates too. Exfoliation is essential to keep the dead skin at bay. Dead skin causes your skin to look dull.


You may wonder, what does a toner do? Many of us remember the toners of the past that were drying, harsh, and irritating. The idea that a toner should dry out acne prone skin to the point of discomfort is long gone.

Today's toners are hydrating and gentle. Their main ingredient is water. But they have other great ingredients like botanicals and anti-inflammatory agents in them.

The purpose of using a tone is to add a quick burst of hydration and vitamins to your skin. They make skin softer, plumper, and add a glow that you can't get without a toner.


You should have a few different moisturizers in your skincare arsenal. Apply your daily moisturizer in the morning after you clean and tone. It should contain sunscreen - SPF 30 at least.

Your night moisturizer should have repairing effects that help your skin recover from daily damage. Our top pick is Restorative Beauty Balm by Carter Street Natural Skincare in Toronto.

This beauty balm sports an ingredients list with a few, natural ingredients. It's stocked with essential oils that help repair damage to your face. And is plumps up your skin overnight.

Step 2: Foundation and Concealer

Now that your skin is prepped and ready, it's time to add a hydrating makeup primer. Makeup primers come in a variety of creams, lotions, and sprays. The type you choose depends on your preferences.

But skipping primer is a bad idea. Especially if you want your bare-faced look to last throughout the day. Primer gives the makeup something to adhere to.

Plus, you can get primers that add light and depth to the look. Or that make the skin look dewy or matte, depending on what you like.

After you apply your primer, it's time to add foundation. Do you prefer powder or liquid? Or do you like cream foundation instead?

No matter what type of foundation you use, the best idea is to get one that's low to medium coverage when you're going for a natural look. Remember, the idea is not to cover up everything. It's to let some of your facial imperfections shine through in a natural way.

Our recommendation is to start with something light, like a tinted moisturizer. The Tinted Moisturizers by Pure Anada give your skin a light coverage and a dewy appearance.

Next, apply a light concealer to your undereye area and on blemishes. Illuminating Concealers by Da Lish offer medium coverage with a tiny bit of highlighter added for a natural finish. Dab the concealer out with a damp beauty sponge or with your ring finger.

Once you've got your base of tinted moisturizer and concealer down, use a fluffy brush to dust loose powder onto your entire face. Again, the powder can have as much or as little coverage as you like. But less is more when it comes to a natural makeup look.

The powder sets your foundation and helps it stay long after you've applied.

Step 3: Bronze and Highlight

Now that your skin is prepared with an even tone, it's time to give it some life and depth. We do this by bronzing and highlighting.

To bronze, take a fluffy cheek brush, like the Bamboo Cheek / Contour Brush and tap it into your favorite bronzer. For a natural bronzed look, stick to bronzing only the high points of your face. The middle of the cheekbones and around your hairline.

The key to natural bronzing is a light application. You can always add more.

Use a powder highlighter with a fan brush to gently dust on the highlight. You want to apply this to the top of your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, and your browbones.

Step 4: Eyes and Brows

Don't neglect your brows. Even when you're going for a natural look, it's important to fill in brows and brush them into place so they appear thick and full.

The Brow Balms by Elate are perfect for achieving the perfect, natural brow. Use a thin, angled brush to apply the balm through the brow hairs. It has enough color to fill in and keep the hairs in place without looking fake.

If you're an eyeshadow kind of gal, feel free to add a metallic, nude shadow to the lids and around the lower lash line. Metallic makeup is on trend and gives you a hint of nude sparkle. But you can skip this step if you're not into eyeshadows.

Mascara is important to top off your eye look. It makes you look more awake and brings life to your eyes. And finding a good natural mascara keeps your eyes safe from contaminants.

Apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes to make your eyes pop. If you like, you can add some black or brown eyeliner to the inner water lines of your top and bottom lashes. This little touch makes your lashes look thicker and defines the shape of your eyes.

Step 5: Lips and Cheeks

You can't forget about your lips and cheeks. This gives you the opportunity to add some colour to your face.

Take a fluffy face brush and dust on some light pink blush. You'll want to concentrate this to the apples of your cheeks to give your skin a rosy look.

Then use a small, fluffy brush and wet it with your face toner or some clean water. Dip it into your favourite lipstick and apply it to the center of your lips. Stick to the waterline, don't apply too much around the outside of your lips.

Now press your lips together several times and work the lipstick around. It gives you a soft, natural looking lip stain that's not overdone. Top with a sheer gloss.

Create a Natural Makeup Routine You Love

The key to your natural makeup routine is that you make it your own. If you love the products you're using, you'll love the process of applying makeup every day.

Start with skincare. It's essential that you create a skincare routine that makes you feel comfortable in your skin. Your skin will thank you for it!

Then apply a light makeup primer and a light coverage foundation. Use concealer only on dark or blemished areas. You want your base makeup to look light and natural.

Bronze the outside of your face and your cheekbones. And add a bit of highlighter to the tops of your cheeks, your nose, and your browbones.

Create natural brows using a brow balm to add definition and colour. And top off your eyes with a beautiful, dark mascara.

Last but not least, add some colour to your face with a dash of blush on the apples of your cheeks. And apply lipstick with a wet brush to the center of your lips to keep it natural and beautiful.

We've given you a few product suggestions here. But check out our entire line of natural makeup by clicking on this link. Give your skin the break it deserves with natural makeup from Waterlillies and Company!

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