Pure Anada and Elate Cosmetics

Nowadays we are more aware of the importance of using natural skincare products, as up to 60% of everything we apply to our skin externally is absorbed into our bodies where it can affect our health.

So why then, are so many of us still using toxic makeup?

We understand that you may have been using one specific brand for many years and feel like nothing else can compare, but when you take a look at the label on your conventional makeup brands you may be disappointed to see an array of foreign sounding ingredients. This should be motivation enough to encourage you to start trying natural brands!

Fortunately, we offer two makeup brands that we just know you’ll fall in love with if you give them a chance!

Keep reading to learn more about Pure Anada and Elate and why they’re better, not only for your skin but for your health and the environment too.


Pure Anada - Natural Makeup
Pure Anada
This gorgeous line of natural skincare and cosmetics is formulated with pure botanicals and natural pigments. Pure Anada avoids the “dirty dozen” ingredients commonly found in synthetic based products.

Pure Anada is cruelty-free, ethically sourced and free from common allergens such as gluten, nuts and Bismuth Oxychloride (a common mineral irritant).

We think you’ll just adore their makeup. For example, foundation is one of those products that is hard to purchase, because many of us are quite fussy with the formula we like. Pure Anada, however, has an array of foundations in different shades that will simply glide onto your skin and infuse it will all natural ingredients that will help to brighten, soften and smooth your skin, something you would never think your foundation would be able to do!

Shop our range of Pure Anada here.


Elate Cosmetics - Natural Makeup
Elate Cosmetics
Just like Pure Anada, Elate Cosmetics are vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free, gluten-free, made in Canada and packaged in sustainable packaging. Their mission is to care for each other, our communities and our world.

Elate are all about creating self-love and confidence through small, everyday rituals so you can radiate true beauty from the inside out! Their cosmetics only enhance what’s already there.

Elate has a variety of beautiful cosmetic formulas that will help to treat your skin while you wear them so you can enjoy long-term benefits from your cosmetics.

Shop our range of Elate Cosmetics here.

Wearing makeup should be about so much more than simply covering up imperfections. With these two wonderful lines, you can rest assured that you are infusing your skin with natural ingredients to enhance your natural beauty, benefit your skin, protect your health and do your part towards protecting our precious Earth.


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