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It’s easy to get lazy about washing our makeup brushes. In fact, 61% of women admit to only doing it once a month… or not at all.

But that could be a huge mistake. Think about it, how long has your makeup products been sitting in your brushes? And how many times have you touched it to your hands, your face, or even the products itself?

That’s a recipe for skin and health disaster. Now’s the time to take control.

Let’s look at 8 tips for buying and keeping your makeup brushes healthy.

What’s the Danger in Makeup Brushes?

We don’t tend to think of our makeup brushes as breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. But, that’s exactly what they can be if they’re not taken care of.

With regular contact to your face, your makeup brush has the opportunity to pick up all kinds of harmful pathogens we may come into contact with daily. And if it’s not cleaned, those pathogens will multiply.

Once contaminated, the brush spreads those germs, viruses, or bacteria to various parts of our face. That leads to breakouts and irritations. Or even infections leading to complicated and serious conditions.

Your best course of preventative action is to buy the right brushes and keep them regularly cleaned.

1. Look for the Right Bristles

When buying makeup brushes, you want to look for bristles that are durable, easy to use, and promote a healthy brush.

A great source of this is Taklon bristles, which is what Waterlillies use in each of our makeup brushes. Like our Bamboo Multi-Use Brush or Vegan Brush Set.

These bristles are a synthetic and cruelty-free alternative to the natural bristles found on the market. They’re great to use with any type of makeup, giving a streak-free finish with the flexibility to blend perfectly.

Plus, they include features that help keep your brushes healthy! This fast-drying bristle is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. It’s also non-porous, which means it won’t absorb your makeup products, wasting money and holding onto harmful particles.

2. Wash with Warm Water

You don’t want boiling hot water when washing your makeup brushes. While it seems best for cleaning, hot water could actually damage the bristles. Instead, warm water is ideal.

Before washing, give your brushes a warm water bath. The soak will loosen any makeup, dirt, and debris that’s trapped in-between the bristles. It also starts to kill any bacteria that is present.

Soak only the tips of the brushes for about 15 minutes. Avoid getting the base of the brushes wet.

3. Don’t Use Just Any Soap

Just as you’re careful about what kind of soap you cleanse your face with, so too should you be about the soap you use on your brushes.

Remember, these makeup brushes touch your face. You wouldn’t want to clean them with anything you wouldn’t use to cleanse your face.

It’s recommended to use either a gentle shampoo or a clarifying shampoo to clean your brushes. Using plain soap can dry out or weaken the bristles.

If you’re sensitive to fragrance, use a gentle shampoo that’s unscented. Our unscented shampoo is pH balanced and removes buildup without using toxic chemicals.

4. Don’t Get the Base of the Brush Wet

As mentioned before, you want to avoid getting the base of your makeup brushes wet.

That’s because the water can start to break down the glue holding your bristles and brush together. It can also rust any metal or crack the wood handle. All of which decreases the lifespan of your brushes.

Instead, hold the brush upside and swirl them around in a bowl of soapy water. You can use clean fingers to start up a good lather.

5. Wash as Many Times as You Need to

The whole point of cleaning your makeup brushes to get them CLEAN. So it doesn’t make sense to stop washing them before you reach your goal.

As you’re rinsing your brushes after a good soaping, watch the color of the water. You want it to run clear.

If it doesn’t, it’s a sign you need to wash it again. Continue to wash your brushes until you see the clear water. Then you can be sure your brushes are good to go.

6. Lay Brushes Flat or Upsidedown to Dry

To keep water from running down toward the base of your brushes, the last thing you want to do is dry them upright in a container.

Instead, dab your brushes dry with a clean towel, careful not to squeeze the bristles. That could damage or misshape them.

Then, lay them out on a towel to air dry. Or hang them upside down.

You also want to avoid drying your brushes in the bathroom. Bacteria is usually airborne in the bathroom, which can then land on your newly clean brush bristles.

7. Wash Regularly

To keep your makeup brushes clean and healthy, you should wash them every 7 to 10 days.

And give them a good 8 to 10 hours to completely dry. Washing them in the evening before you go to bed will give them plenty of time to dry before you have to use them the next morning.

8. Don’t Share Your Makeup Brushes

Germs and bacteria can spread quickly. For this reason, it’s best you never share your makeup or brushes with anyone.

This includes your friends and family, no matter how much they beg. It’s not only for your protection but theirs as well.

And to keep your brushes healthy, don’t touch your makeup with your bare hands. Germs from your hands can contaminate your products then spread to your brushes.

Take Care of Your Face with Healthy Makeup Brushes

Glowing skin and beautiful makeup is the goal. And with these tips, you’ll be able to accomplish both while keeping yourself and your makeup brushes healthy.

Ready to stock up on the best makeup brushes for you? Shop our collection of natural makeup and facial brushes now!



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