How to apply face mask

Every once in a while, it’s nice to treat yourself to a little TLC. The best way to do this is with a face mask but this relaxation can turn into stress when you notice how dirty your counter is after you’ve finally rinsed the mask off. This is especially true if this is your first time trying a mask out and you have no idea what you’re doing.

It’s strange thinking about how you could do something as simple as putting on a mask incorrectly. It’s like when you see articles about the best way to sleep and realize that you can’t even do that right. Luckily for you, we have all of your face mask answers.

Keep reading for tips on how to apply a face mask and take it off while minimalizing the messy cleanup.

1. Prepping Your Face 

First things first, you have to prep your face for the mask. It's not as simple as mixing it and putting it on your face. This part can get messy because it can end with water scattered all over your counter. Here are a few ways to avoid getting water on your shirt because you leaned against a soaked countertop. 

Take a Shower or Use a Warm Cloth

You have to apply your mask to a face that is free of makeup and just clean in general. Not only that but heat and steam opens your pores up so the mask can do its job and pull the dirt out. You can do this by washing your face at the counter, but again that's how you get water all over your bathroom. 

Instead, you can take a shower to clean your face and let the steam open or pours or if your face is already clean, wet a cloth with warm water and drape it over your face so the heat can work its magic. Make sure the cloth isn't so hot that it burns your skin. 


Has it been a little bit since you last exfoliated? If that's the case then you'll need to do it so it can clear away any dead skin and allow your mask to absorb into your skin. 

You can take your exfoliate into the shower with you so you don't end up with water everywhere. If you've never exfoliated then any product will typically do. Just make sure it goes with your skin type.

So, if you have sensitive skin, look for products that won't irritate it. After you've cleaned and exfoliated, check the directions on your mask to see if you need to pat your face dry or leave it wet. 

2. Apply the Mask

The next step is the one that you've been waiting for. Applying the mask. You're going to need to grab a bowl and a paintbrush and head back into your bathroom (if you ever left it).

You may be asking, why a paintbrush? It never fails, after you dip your hand in the bowl and apply the product, for split second you'll forget it's on your hand and touch the counter. The bristles also hold in the product so it doesn't drip on to the floor. 

When applying the mask, start at your neck and work your way up your face. Make sure you avoid sensitive places like your mouth because you don't want to eat the product and your eyes because that will burn like nobody's business. Wash the brush properly afterward to be sure it doesn't hold in any bacteria. 

3. Removing the Mask 

Once you've let the mask sit for about 10-15 minutes it's time to take it off. You don't want to let it stay on for any longer than that because you'll be left hacking at your face trying to get it off. 

Wash the Mask Off

Use lukewarm water to gently wash the mask away. It's very important that the water is warm. If it's cold, it won't wash off correctly and if the water is scalding hot, it will just irritate your skin so you have to be Goldilocks about this. 

This step does involve splashing water but you can avoid a mess by putting one towel on the counter and one on the floor to catch water. You could also just hop back in the shower. 

Use a Toner After 

You may be thinking that it's finally time to dry your face and be done but you have one more step that requires your face to remain damp. Grab your favorite toner or moisturizer and apply it. 

This will lock everything into place and shrink those pores back down. It's also a great way to keep your skin hydrated. Make sure you don't glob on the moisturizer because too much will counteract all of the good the mask did and clog your pores right back up. 

Whoo, that was a lot of steps! The good news is that you only need to repeat the process about once a week depending on your needs. You don't want to do it too often or it will irritate your skin. 

How to Apply a Face Mask and Take it Off Without the Lengthy Cleanup 

It's strange to think that you could have been doing something as small as putting on a face mask incorrectly all your life. The truth is, you want to be able to put one on and relax, not stress over the lengthy cleanup. Use these tips on how to apply a face mask and take it off without leaving a mess behind. 

Want to buy a mask that is created with the best ingredients and won't irritate your face? Browse through our face masks to see if we have something that will work for you. 



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