Natural Face Moisturizer

According to research, the global skin care industry will be worth an estimated $180 billion by the year 2024. In this sea of skin care products, it can be hard to find the right natural face moisturizer for you. Thankfully, there are some tips that can help.

In this absurdly large industry, there are a lot of products that contain toxic chemicals that are more harmful to your skin than they will be a benefit. In fact, some of these chemicals can cause long term health problems such as cancers and other diseases. 

The last thing you want to do is apply toxic chemicals to the delicate skin on your face.

So the problem is, how do you find a natural product that is not only toxin-free, but will also help with various skin impurities?

Keep on reading to learn how you can find the best natural face moisturizer that matches your skin type today.

Let's get started!

First, Get Clear on Your Skin Type

In order to find the best natural face moisturizer for your skin, you need to know what skin type you have first. Otherwise, depending on the strength of the moisturizer, you could end up causing your skin to become more oily or dry.

Wash your face with a mild cleanser and then gently pat dry, make sure you are not applying any additional skin care products after the cleansing. After 30 minutes examine your forehead, nose, and chin for any oiliness or shine. After another 30 minutes, examine for any rough or dry patches on your face. 

Then read the following descriptions to analyze what skin type you are, either dry, oily, combination, or sensitive.  

Dry Skin

If your skin feels rough, flakey, or tight, chances are that you have the dry skin type. Dry skin can be caused by a multitude of variables such as hormones, climate, diet, lifestyle, and lack of moisturizing.

Oily Skin 

Although oily skin may be a bother, the good news is that you have enough oil to keep your skin young and supple. However, this usually comes with the cost of occasional breakouts due to clogged pores.

Oily skin is typically caused by hormones, over moisturizing with the wrong products, and lack of skin cleaning.

Combination Skin

People with combination skin have the best of (or worst of) both worlds. You may experience dry patches on your cheeks, but oily patches on the t-zone, which is the nose, forehead, and chin. 

Combination skin is usually caused by hormonal changes or change in skincare, diet, and environment.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive may be free from the issues of dry or oily skin, however, it can be very difficult to discover what is actually causing your skin to react. There are so many factors that could cause skin sensitivity, from the environment, makeup to your lifestyle and diet. 

Figure out Your Skin Care Goals

After you figure out what skin type you are, you now need to figure out what goal you have with your skin. There are many options when it comes to skin care such as anti-aging, purifying, erasing blemishes and more.


There are many skin care products that help with anti-aging, however, finding a natural face moisturizer for anti-aging can be more difficult. Look for something with ingredients such as:

  • Aloe vera
  • Rosehip oil
  • Calendula
  • Almond oil
  • Argan oil
  • Hyaluronic acid 
  • Botanical extracts

These natural ingredients help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, without the risk of adding any toxic chemicals to your skin. Restorative beauty balm is an excellent choice for an all-around anti-aging product.

Blemish Correcting

If you have acne, pimples, rosacea, or any skin blemishes, do not worry as there are many natural face moisturizers that can help with skin impurities. Look for products with ingredients such as:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Tea Tree
  • Tamanu oil
  • Mint
  • Orange blossom

Before you go and try medications, are many natural remedies and skin care routines that will help to clear your acne or skin impurities. Always go for the natural route first, as this will prevent any long term side effects from either the medications or the chemicals in other skin care products.

Clear skin's skin serum by far, is the best treatment for acne and skin impurities, check it out! 

Best Face Moisturizer For Your Skin Type

If you do not have an exact skin care goal in mind, but you want to make sure you are using the right product for your skin type, keep on reading as we dive into the different types of face moisturizers for each skin category.

Dry Skin

When seeking for a skin care product for dry skin, you need to look for nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, and other heavier ingredients. 

Coconut butter is so fantastic that it can even be applied directly to the skin and hair for ultimate nourishment. It is better to use a product that has other ingredients as well for a perfect blend. 

Shea butter has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for dry skin and impurities, it is the best choice for exceptionally dry feet and hands.

Aloe vera has been nicknamed the plant of immortality since the ancient Egyptian times. This plant has so many benefits for your skin, going far beyond healing dry skin.  Green Beaver makes an excellent day cream with aloe vera.

With dry skin, make sure to blend a moisturizer of choice with a good quality natural scrub to remove the dead, flakey skin and prepare for the growth of new, soft and nourished skin. 

Oily Skin

Oily skin can be tricky, as some people think their skin produces enough oils to just avoid a face moisturizer altogether. Try to avoid this mindset as you need to have a moisturizer that balances out the oiliness.

Avoid products with heavy oils and butter, and opt for products with green tea, aloe vera, and tea tree oils instead.

There is incredible skincare set by Verdura that contains all the necessary products to help rid of oily skin and prevent acne, so check it out! 

Sensitive Skin

A natural face moisturizer is the best remedy for sensitive skin, as it is free from chemicals and alcohols that cause your skin to feel dry and affected.

Look for products that contain aloe vera, chamomile, rosehip, calendula, and butter or oils to soothe the skin. 

Scan the ingredient list carefully and avoid any man-made made ingredients and scents to ensure you will not come in contact with anything that affects your skin. 

Even natural scents could leave your skin to feel irritated, so opt for a product that is completely unscented. While you're at it, you may as well look for a natural laundry soap too, and avoid all chemicals and scented products altogether. 

Pura Anada makes a lovely unscented daily facial moisturizer that is ideal for sensitive skin because it does not contain any alcohols, scents or chemicals that could cause reactions in your skin. 

Normal Skin 

First off, consider yourself lucky, as most people do not have the normal skin type. That being said, an approximate 80% of Americans still do not know how to take care of their skin correctly. 

You have more room to play when it comes to facial moisturizers, you can test different products and see which works for you.  

Rosey Cheeks facial cream is an excellent choice for people with the normal skin type and will leave your skin with a beautiful youthful glow.

Learn More about Natural Skin Care

Going all natural with skin care will not only help your skin to feel better, but it will also be better for your health and environment. Natural skin care products tend to have a more "green friendly" focus, aiming to help to heal our planet.

The above information will help you to find a natural face moisturizer that matches your skin type, goals, and overall skin health.

If you would like to learn more about natural skin care in general, we have numerous skin care products on our website that are carefully selected for their healing ingredients, high integrity, and incredible results.



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