Essential Oil for Stress

Too much stress can lead to damaging health effects, such as depression, infertility, and high blood pressure. 

There is no magic pill which can healthily remove stress from your life. In some regard, you'll need to learn to work with rather than against stress. 

However, you can take certain steps to manage excess stress. Many people find aromatherapy a useful tool for managing stress. 

Here we'll explore the best essential oils for stress and how you can use them to improve your life. 

Lavender Essential Oil 

No list about essential oils is complete without a mention of lavender.

It has become perhaps the most well-known and most used essential oil. Lavender may also be the essential oil which has garnered the most attention from the scientific community. 

Some studies suggest lavender may hold anxiolytic properties which can help ease the mood of those who suffer from stress. 

You can use lavender essential oils in a variety of different ways. You can rub it directly onto your skin, mix it in with your body wash, or sprinkle it around your house. 

You can even add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your tea. Be careful not to add too much, or it may become overpowering. 

In addition to its anxiolytic properties, it offers a warm flowery aroma which can brighten any room. 

Bergamot Essential Oil 

Bergamot essential oil comes from the peel of a citrus fruit known as a bergamot orange. Bergamot has deep roots in traditional Chinese medicine, used to treat a variety of different ailments. 

In addition to anxiety, people use it to treat fungal infections, psoriasis, and parasites. 

You can add bergamot to your food or tea to add a citrus flavor. This is a common use for bergamot. 

You can also add it to an essential oil diffuser to use as aromatherapy. 

Frankincense Essential Oil 

Frankincense has been around for millennia. It comes from the resin which oozes from cuts in the trunk of the Boswellia carteri tree. 

Frankincense has a long history, storied to be one of the gifts the three wise men gave to the newborn Christ. In antiquity, the plant-derived substance held medical value in the eyes of the people. 

While used today in certain rites, it also holds anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. 

You can apply it directly to your skin by itself or in hand cream. You can inhale it from a diffuser to act as a pain reliever or anxiolytic. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

If you've ever come in contact with a eucalyptus tree, you know how strong the smell can be. The essential oil is no different. 

Eucalyptus essential oil boasts a minty aroma which can help you feel refreshed after a long day of stress. In addition to fighting stress, eucalyptus may lift your mood and boost your energy. 

One popular way to use this essential oil is in the shower. You add a few drops to the shower and let the steam carry it into the air. 

As you shower, breather deeply and feel the cool refreshment of eucalyptus. 

You can also apply the essential oil directly to your skin, at your temples, hands, or feet. It will create a cooling and relaxing sensation similar to mint. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil 

Day to day function can become overwhelming and bog down the mind. Sandalwood is an essential oil which can reinvigorate your life with harmony as you come back to a space of mental clarity. 

The scent is woody, as the name might imply. Sandalwood oil can have a profound effect on your emotional well-being, among other desirable effects

This essential oil is great for those who indulge in spiritual practices, such as yoga, meditation, or prayer. You can inhale from a diffuser or a cloth. 

You can also apply the oil directly to your skin or mix it in with massage oil. 

Jasmine Essential Oil 

Jasmine oil comes from the flower of a shrub which grows across Eurasia, Australasia, and Oceania. The flower itself is a common addition to black, green, or white teas. 

Jasmine has a long history of use in traditional medicines. These traditions have revered jasmine for its ability to treat low libido, depression, insomnia, and anxiety. 

Today, many people use it for the same reasons. You can add the oil to a diffuser or inhale the oil directly. Like other essential oils, you can apply it directly to your skin.

Try mixing it into your favorite lotions or creams. You'll have a ready-to-use jasmine skin care on hand at all times.  

Jasmine is a great oil to mix with other essential oils, such as orange and ylang-ylang. 

Rose Essential Oil 

Those beautiful roses in your garden are more than just a wonderful visual. Like lavender, it has a powerful ability to ease anxiety, depression, and grief. 

Rose essential oil can be more subtle than some other oils. This makes it a wonderful addition to soaps, lotions, and creams. You can mix it in yourself or buy them already infused. 

Rose oil can have a great impact on your skin. It works to ignite the skin's healing process, allowing scars from surgeries and acne to disappear. 

You can also add it to your diffuser and let the subtle scent of rose fill your home with calm. 

Essential Oils for Stress and More

In the past few years, essential oils have garnered a lot of recognition for their versatility and power to heal. This is somewhat of a rediscovery, though. People have been using them for thousands of years. 

The above essential oils for stress can help reduce your anxiety and keep your life in order. 

Be wary of any allergies you might have. These plant-derived products may irritate your skin or sinuses. If you have any concerns about a product your using, it's always best to consult a doctor. 

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