Castile Soap

Are you ready to hop on the castile soap bandwagon? 

When it comes to natural, eco-friendly products, few are as versatile as castile soap. Not only is it all natural and free from animal products, but it's also an incredibly effective product. 

In all it's glory, castile soap has such a wide variety of functions that it's near impossible to name them all. However, true castile soap devotees use this soap for anything from household cleaning and shampoo to bug spray and pet care. 

If you're looking to learn more about castile soap and why it's sure to become your new favourite household object, you're going to want to read this. We're uncovering nine reasons that castile soap knocks our socks off! 

It's time to make like the hippies and head for the natural soap aisle! 

1. Made From Vegetable Oils 

Good news for all vegans and vegetarians! 

Castile soap is entirely void of any animal products. This is due to the fact that it's produced from different types of vegetable oils. Today, the majority are created from olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil or castor oil. 

The majority of castile soap brands also choose to be cruelty-free and are not tested on animals. 

2. Bio-Degradable and Non-Toxic

Perhaps one of the most highly-praised benefits of castile soap is that it's both bio-degradable and non-toxic.

Not only does this make it entirely safe for human use, but it's also incredibly light on the planet. When it comes to the carbon footprint of castile soap, it's essentially non-existent. 

This makes castile soap the perfect cleanser for any cottage trips, camping trips or outback canoe trips. The soap can safely be used in the water without causing harm to the aquatic life or the water itself. 

This also means that castile soap is perfectly safe for young children and pets. 

3. Minimal Ingredients

When shopping for household or personal products, it's always important to read the ingredient list on the back label.

When the list is long and complicated, it gives the impression that the product is overstuffed with fillers. More often than not, these fillers contain a number of chemicals that are potentially harmful. 

With castile soap, the ingredients are simple. Of course, each brand of castile soap may differ slightly. However, most castile soap products contain not only a short list of ingredients, but also a simple list that is easily understood. 

4. Customizable 

In its natural form, castile soap is typically scent-free. While many consumers today opt for simplified, scent-free products, this isn't always the case. 

Fortunately, there is a simple way to spruce up your castile soap. With the help of essential oils, those looking for a more aromatic cleanser are in luck. Here, you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your castile soap concoctions. 

5. Natural Shampoo 

Are you looking for a natural alternative to shampoo? 

The truth is, the majority of storebought shampoos contain a number of harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the skin as well as the environment. Castile soap works to cleanse your hair naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. 

If you have a dog, castile soap can also be used to provide a gentle scrubbing to your four-legged friend! As with human use, wet the dog's fur and then gently massage the soap into the dog's fur before thoroughly rinsing. 

6. Natural Body Wash 

Similar to an all-natural shampoo, castile soap can easily function as an all-natural body wash. While it will not lather in the same way that a traditional body wash does, it's still an entirely effective cleanser. 

Are you looking to take your natural body wash one-step further?

You can also use castile soap as an all-natural body scrub. Simply mix two or three tablespoons of castile soap with a one-quarter cup of baking soda to do the trick. 

7. Natural All-Purpose Cleaner 

Perhaps one of the best things about castile soap is its ability to clean anything

This is why so many people choose to use their castile soap as an all-purpose cleaner. This can essentially be used anywhere throughout the house -the bathroom, the kitchen, the floors and any stubborn stains. 

Simply mix a tablespoon of castle soap with some warm water in a spray bottle. If you're looking to add a scent, feel free to add a few drops of your favourite essential oil

This is also the perfect means of cleansing any food preparation areas. Because it's all nautral, there's no need to worry that it will infect your food. 

8. Vegetable Wash 

When it comes to fresh produce, pesticides are often used by farmers to encourage higher yields of product. 

In fact, by using pesticides in their farming practices, Canadian farmers report producing 72 percent more fruit. While a higher yield is certainly preferred by farmers, pesticides have been linked to many health concerns for humans. 

To help counteract these pesticides, many will choose to wash their produce with a vegetable wash. Unfortunately, this type of wash is typically overpriced and not exactly wallet-friendly. 

Castile soap is capable of doing the same job but at a fraction of the price and favouring an all natural approach! To do so, add one tablespoon of castile soap to two cups of water. For ease, store this mixture in a squirt bottle beside your sink. 

9. Plant Bug Spray 

If you've been searching for a natural approach to combatting pesky plant bugs, look no further than castile soap

Simply mix one tablespoon castile soap to one-quart water. Compiled into a spray bottle, this mixture can be sprayed directly onto your affected houseplants. 

This mixture is also incredibly effective in eliminating household ants. Try spraying the areas in your kitchen such as countertops, fruit bowls and cupboards where ants tend to gather. 

The Joys of Castile Soap 

When browsing the aisles as the health food store, it's almost impossible to avoid contact with castile soap

Long praised by eco-conscious consumers, castile soap has been utilized for years for anything from household cleaning to hygiene products. 

Let's consider that the average North American is exposed to 126 toxic chemicals daily from personal care alone. These chemicals are not only unhealthy for humans, but they also carry a significant carbon footprint. 

If you've been longing to eliminate harsh chemicals from your life and reduce your carbon footprint, castile soap is a simple place to start. It's time to do yourself and your household a serious favour! 

When it comes to natural products, why not at your household products?



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