natural deodorant that works

The global natural and organic personal care products industry is estimated to be worth a staggering 32 billion CAD by 2025.


Because now more than ever, people are beginning to understand the value of using quality self-care supplies on their bodies. Among the top products that people are progressively looking for natural and organic iterations of is deodorant.

Non-natural deodorant can contain chemicals that are bad for your skin, can cause staining and others serious health issues. Natural deodorant is comprised of a melody of ingredients that are skin safe and can work every bit as well as their synthetic counterparts.

So how can you find a natural deodorant that works for you?

We have compiled this list of 6 tips to help you on your journey of finding quality natural deodorant for women!

1) Even If It Says Natural, Inspect the Ingredients

Many companies are looking at the increased demand for natural, health-conscious products. To try and get in on the trend, they have started to brand themselves as natural. Unfortunately, many of those products are not what they seem to be.

To ensure you’re buying the real deal when it comes to natural deodorant, check the ingredients before making a purchase. Everything on the back of your deodorant stick should be substances derived from nature. This can include trees, plants, fruit, clay, and flowers to name a few.

2) Make Sure That There Are Proven Oder Neutralizing Active Ingredients Present

Natural deodorant is great but if it doesn’t do its job of neutralizing odor, it’s not particularly useful. That’s why it’s important to pay special attention to the active ingredients listed on the back of your deodorant label.

Odor neutralizing ingredients that are commonly found in quality natural deodorant products include eucalyptus, kaolin clay, and hops. There are other natural ingredients that can help with odor so do your research.

Make sure that the active ingredient(s) in your natural deodorant is going to make it functional for your needs.

3) If You’re Not Going 100% Natural, Make Sure You at Least Steer Clear of Toxins

If you buy deodorant that is 100% natural you can be sure that there won’t be toxins present in your stick. If you choose to go mostly natural but opt for some synthetic ingredients, make sure your deodorant is at very least free of sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, and parabens.

Those are chemicals commonly found in deodorant sticks that can cause a slew of health issues. These issues include estrogen imbalance, issues with testosterone levels, and even cancer.

4) Go Aluminum-free

The primary chemical present in deodorant responsible for blocking sweat glands is aluminum. That’s why you’ll find it as a primary ingredient in many sticks.

Aluminum in deodorant can also cause issues with your body’s natural cooling processes. This may lead to unnatural sweating from your hands, feet, and forehead.

Aluminum when regularly introduced to your skin may also cause DNA mutations which can lead to tumor cells and promote Alzheimer’s Disease.

It’s our firm stance that reduced sweating under your arms is not worth the risks that aluminum carries with it. Therefore, it’s best to always buy deodorant without aluminum.

5) Beware of Baking Soda

Natural deodorants sometimes add baking soda to their mix. While baking soda may feel like a harmless, DIY type of ingredient, it can cause serious damage to your skin.

Many natural deodorant buyers have reported that baking soda led them to develop redness, discoloration, a leathery texture underneath their arms, and painful rashes.

If you know that you have sensitive skin or any allergies related to baking soda, keep a watchful eye out for deodorant products that incorporate it.

6) Reviews Are Your Friend

Would you go out to eat at a new restaurant without checking reviews online? For many Canadians, the answer is no.

The same should go for the products you put on your body. If you want a quality natural deodorant that works, it’s important that you seek the advice of others that have tried the product before purchasing.

Reviews will give you insight as to the value of the deodorant you’re buying and if it serves its core function of reducing odor.

When looking through reviews, be sure to not only look at consumer opinions but expert input as well.

An expert’s input, particularly when it comes to products that are marketing themselves as natural, can help ensure you’re getting the product you’re paying for.

Summarizing Tips on Finding Natural Deodorant That Works

The verdict is in and consumers are now flocking for personal care products that are naturally based. These products help preserve consumer’s health while also upping their self-care game.

When it comes to shopping for deodorant, to make sure you’re finding natural deodorant that works, start with checking the ingredients. Be sure your deodorant doesn’t use baking soda, aluminum, or other toxins.

Also, check online reviews. Make sure that both fellow consumers and experts can attest to the effectiveness of the product you’re purchasing.

Finally, if a certain deodorant doesn’t work for you, don’t give up! Different people react to natural ingredients in different ways. While natural deodorant (Lovefresh, Routine, Penny Lane Organics, Crawford Street Skin Care) on the whole is much safer than synthetic deodorant, it may be that a product isn’t as functional as you’d like it to be.

If that’s the case, keep trying other natural products until you find your perfect match!


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