The average woman spends 43 dollars when she goes to the store to buy makeup. That means that over a lifetime, the typical woman will have spent 15,000 on makeup products.

What exactly are you buying when you spend all that money on these beauty products? There’s a neverending stream of information out there telling you just what type of makeup to buy.

They tell you why you need it, and what’s good and bad for you. With so much information swirling around us, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

However, there’s little debate about one fact: organic makeup is better for you than makeup that’s made with artificial ingredients.

Most women wear makeup every single day. Make sure you know that the stuff you’re putting on your face day in and day out isn’t actually harmful to your body.

5 Reasons Organic Makeup is Worth the Cost

First and foremost, organic products are not as expensive as you may think.

When you think organic, you might immediately think of pricey stores and overly expensive products. But if you look at the price comparisons of regular versus organic foods and products, you’d probably be surprised to learn that getting something that’s better for you isn’t actually as expensive as you might have thought.

Organic Makeup is Rich in Nutrients

Many women put on more than twenty different types of makeup and beauty products each and every day. That means that almost five pounds of makeup gets absorbed through the skin every single year.

Yes, your skin has the capacity to absorb the makeup that you’re putting on it. Even with a protective barrier that your skin naturally creates, some compounds are still able to seep through. Those chemicals can cause damage to your body.

Look at the list of ingredients on makeup that isn’t organic. There are all sorts of unnatural products lurking inside of it.

Think of makeup in terms of this rule: if you can’t eat it, why would you want to wear it? And the makeup is still, in fact, getting into your bloodstream.

Organic makeup is nutrient-rich, and contains things that aren’t toxic for your body to absorb. Many organic makeup products contain cocoa butter as a moisturizer, a natural ingredient that provides your skin with fatty acids.

Look for products that contain pomegranate, because it provides natural antioxidant protection. The same goes for apricots, grapes, and white tea, which all work to prevent the breakdown of skin elasticity by inhibiting the progress of elastase and collagenase.

Generally, if you choose a skin product that contains herbal extracts, you’re getting a natural, healthy makeup.

You don’t want to spend your day with makeup sitting on your skin that’s doing nothing to help you. In fact, other, chemical-laced makeup will do the opposite. It’s almost ironic that something that’s labeled as trying to make you look your best is going to be so destructive to your health.


Instead of something that you use to just cake onto your face, healthy makeup can actually give your skin nutrition it needs to fight against the aging process. If you’re going to be wearing your makeup all day, almost every day, you should make it work for you.

Natural mineral foundations are the perfect choice for sensitive skin, and help calm the conditions where other makeup that has chemical ingredients might make skin conditions like rosacea or acne worse.

Essentially all makeups that are natural are made from minerals which provide a natural sun protection by fighting against UV rays. Sun damage is thought to be responsible for 80 percent of the visible signs of again on your face. By using makeup that naturally protects against the sun, you’re helping reverse those signs.

Get a makeup that contains zinc oxide that you can wear all day and benefit from the sun protection that it provides.

Many organic makeup products also contain vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts your skin with antioxidants which help in the fight against free radicals. Free radicals are another huge factor in the aging process.

The chemicals found in unnatural makeups can actually cause you to age more than to protect against aging. They’ll strip that natural glow from your skin and cause it to dry out, depending on what type of makeup you’re using. They also tend to cake over your skin and cover it up instead of letting out the natural beauty of your face.

Natural Fragrances

To scent most beauty products, manufacturers have to use chemicals to create fragrances. When you choose an item that has chemical fragrance in it, you’re literally inhaling it all day long, because it’s likely going to be right next to your nose.

If you’ve ever gotten a headache from the scent you’re wearing or that comes in your makeup, you might be highly sensitive to that chemical or even allergic to it. Either way, the chemicals are not good for anyone, allergy or not.

When you choose organic makeup, you’re getting scents that are made from natural ingredients. You can check for this in the list of ingredients.

Most fragrances will be made from essential oils like lavender, orange, peppermint, and more.

The chemicals that are dumped into non-organic makeup can cause all sorts of health complications. These are not limited to allergies, birth defects, and disorders of the nervous system. They have also been proven to contain carcinogens.

Besides the fact that it’s actually harmful for your body to use products with unnatural scents, sometimes the scents can simply be too overwhelming. You don’t want people wondering what it is you smell like. Natural, light fragrances are usually more pleasant than the strong, harsh scents that come out of unnatural products.

Environmentally Friendly

You’re choosing to be kind to your skin when you choose organic makeup, but you’re also choosing to be kind to the environment and to animals. Mostly every single organic makeup product out there isn’t tested on animals and are against animal cruelty. You can check to make sure by looking at the labels on the product.

Makeup that isn’t made naturally puts a strain on resources. Most products use petroleum-based ingredients and other unnatural chemical compounds like lead or aluminum.

To obtain these resources, many times they have to be mined. Some of this mining is done in places that are considered the most beautiful landscapes in the world, like the Amazon rainforest.

The forest is becoming more and more endangered as demand for these resources grow. By purchasing makeup that’s made from natural ingredients, you’re actually helping the environment and these ecosystems.

Mass-produced, chemical-laced makeups are generally harsh on the environment. Even the packaging of some major makeup products aren’t made from environmentally sustainable materials.

When you’re choosing a makeup product, look to see what the package is made from. Some products are made from recycled materials.

Chemical and Allergen-Free

As mentioned, a whole slew of the chemicals used in regular makeup are actually extremely harmful to your body’s systems.

Most unnatural makeups contain parabens, chemicals that the Environmental Protection Agency has warned against using. They’ve been associated with contributing to cancer and type II diabetes.

Parabens are able to easily soak through your skin and cause interference with your hormones. They are able to mimic estrogen, and have been found lurking in the tissue of breast cancer.

Phthalates also commonly occurring in regular makeup. Exposure to phthalates can cause neurological damage, reproductive complications, and developmental issues. They can contribute to decreased testosterone and result in premature delivery in women.

They usually hide in ingredients as “fragrance” and are used to create a plastic texture in makeups. They help with holding in fragrance and color of the makeup. But they’re also harmful to your body, and help prove why organic makeup is an alternative you need to invest in.

Get the Best in Natural Skincare

It’s hard to deny that organic makeup and skincare products are better for your skin and better for your overall health. But how do you choose which one you want to use?

If you’re tired of putting your skin through distress, then you need to start using Waterlilies And Company makeup. You can wear it throughout the day, and actually feel like you’re doing something good for your skin. It’s made with botanical extracts and moisturizers that nourish your skin instead of stripping away natural oils that your skin needs.

Instead of parabens and phlalates, these natural products use agran oil, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and other yummy natural ingredients that will make you glad you made the switch.

Not to mention the lipsticks, compacts, and other carious items come in cute wooden engraved containers. Great-looking makeup that is actually good for you? It’s time to wave goodbye to those chemicals and mystery makeups.


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