Aluminum Free Deodorant

The fact is: aluminum is not good for you. Exposure to aluminum has been proven to have many harmful effects. It can lead to disease, cancer, brain disorders, and more.

This is why we are told not to eat food out of aluminum cans or cook foods in aluminum foil.

However, many people miss the memo when it comes to antiperspirants. Almost all antiperspirants rely on aluminum as the main ingredient to block sweat.

While no one wants to walk around with sweaty armpits, there are healthier ways to prevent sweat and odors without risking our health and future.

Keep reading to learn about the top 10 reasons why you should switch to an aluminum free deodorant. Trust me, your health will thank you.

1. Protect Against Harmful Brain Effects

Under the arm is a sensitive area in which chemicals from products can be absorbed into the body easily. This means that using deodorants with harmful products is not safe for your health.

The brain, in particular, is sensitive to harmful metals. The U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry warns against using products with aluminum due to its harmful effects on the brain, lungs, and musculoskeletal system.

Long-term exposure to aluminum has been shown to be toxic to the brain, leading to neurological conditions, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Some studies show that the harmful effects of aluminum on the brain and neurological system stem from liver damage. Excess aluminum that is not excreted from the body gets absorbed by the liver, bones, muscle, spleen, and even heart.

Toxicity is more common among people who have GI or kidney issues because it makes it harder to rid of the metal.

The end result of exposure to too much aluminum is oxidative stress within brain tissue. It takes more than 7 years to get rid of aluminum in the brain. Thus, this means the brain is exposed for a long time and damage is essentially inevitable.

The point is– it is easy to protect your brain from aluminum by simply using an aluminum free deodorant each day.

2. Lower Risk for Skin Allergies

Aluminum is used in antiperspirants because it creates a chemical reaction with your sweat pores. This reaction causes clumping and actually clogs the sweat glands in your underarm.

This clogging can lead to skin sensitivities and allergies among some. Just when clogged pores become pimples, this can be painful and irritating.

An allergic reaction to aluminum in deodorant can lead to contact dermatitis, acne, and itching.

Plus, it is not natural to clog pores. We do not intentionally clog the pores on our face, do we?

To avoid painful skin irritations and open up those pores as they should be, use an aluminum free deodorant.

3. Reduce Risk for Breast Cancer

The American Cancer Society warns against the use of antiperspirants that have aluminum because it may increase the risk for breast cancer among both women and men.

Studies show that aluminum and other parabens, which are chemicals used to preserve food and cosmetics, have estrogen-like properties. Increased estrogen levels are associated with increased risk for breast cancer. This is because estrogen motivates breast cell growth, which can sometimes include cancerous cells.

Aluminum and other parabens have been found in breast cancer samples. Some research concludes that aluminum from antiperspirants is absorbed through the skin and changes estrogen levels and breast cells.

While it isn’t certain if aluminum is to blame for breast cancer, it is better to stay safe and use aluminum free deodorant as well as other products. This is especially true if you have a family history of breast cancer, do not have children or waited to have children, and/or take birth control.

4. Protect Your Bones

Too much aluminum is left in the bones, muscles, brain, and other organs. When aluminum gets absorbed by the bones, issues can arise.

Studies have connected aluminum exposure to bone disease. Basically, when bones absorbed metals or other harmful products, they don’t have room to absorb healthy nutrients such as vitamin D or calcium.

Vitamin D and calcium are essential for healthy bones. They protect against osteoporosis, arthritis, and other bone-related illnesses. When your bones cannot absorb these micronutrients, then your risk for bone diseases increases largely.

To keep your bones healthy, avoid aluminum and other metals at all cost. Choose aluminum free deodorant instead.

5. Protect your Muscles

Aluminum toxicity can harm muscles, too. As mentioned, when our bodies can’t get rid of all the aluminum, it gest absorbed.

When our muscles absorb aluminum, the risk for macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) increases. MMF is a muscle disease that includes lesions along the muscle tissue.

The World Health Organization has included a warning for MMF within its global vaccine safety page. It explains the connection between vaccines containing aluminum and the disease.

While it is not sure if antiperspirants with aluminum may correlate with MMF, I would not take the chance.

6. Better Odor Protection

Natural ingredients have natural deodorizing effects. There is a reason why natural ingredients in their natural forms have been used for medicinal and hygienic strategies since the dawn of humankind.

They work.

While aluminum is a natural substance, it is not naturally used in antiperspirants. Its chemical makeup is altered so that it reacts with the skin and clogs the sweat pores.

Over time, our bodies become reliant on this chemical reaction rather than stopping the sweat itself. This means that by using antiperspirants over and over again, your body stops regulating sweat and odor properly.

Get back to nature with deodorants that use natural ingredients. You will soon find that you don’t have to rely on deodorants nearly as much as before. Instead of covering up odor, you will actually be preventing odor.

Plus, natural deodorants smell great! They contain fragrances such as rose, blackberry, coconut, shea butter, and more.

7. Sweating Is Good for You

Antiperspirants keep you from sweating, which is actually harmful to you. Sweat has many benefits.

Sweating allows us to eliminate toxins from our body. Whether it is harmful bacteria or viruses or the alcohol we drank last night, sweating is essential for keeping your body healthy and your immunity on par.

Want to lose weight? You’ll need to sweat. Sweat gets rid of cholesterol, salt, and sugar, all of which are stored as fat when we don’t sweat them out.

Sweating is also good for cleansing your pores, and it is vital for regulating your body temperature. Keeping a safe and regulated body temperature will improve your immune system, body functioning, and prevent bacteria/viruses from feeding on your overly warm body (germs love a hot moist atmosphere).

8. Protect Your Fetus or Breastfeeding Child

Aluminum that gets into the mother’s lymph nodes and bloodstream through antiperspirant can be passed onto the fetus or a child who is breastfeeding.

Aluminum exposure in utero and in early life is associated with severe consequences. Studies show aluminum in breast milk as well as newborns associates with xenobiotic effects including neurological and behavioral disorders, specifically autism, immunological issues, and inflammation.

Keep your children safe and use an aluminum free deodorant.

9. Help Small Businesses

Many aluminum free deodorants are made by smaller companies rather than large corporations. Buying these would help out small and possibly local businesses which are important for the economy.

Furthermore, smaller businesses that specialize in natural products are typically cruelty-free, non-toxic, and fair trade. You’re not only helping smaller companies survive and taking business away from the giants, but you could also be saving an animal or farmworker.

10. Protect Workers

People who weld aluminum or work in factories that use aluminum are exposed to toxic levels of aluminum and many health consequences. Workers can develop asthma and other lung problems.

Workers exposed to aluminum also have higher rates of a degenerative nervous system and brain disorders. Studies show reduced memory and concentration among workers who are exposed to aluminum dust, as well as increased risks of Alzheimer’s.

By taking away business from companies who use aluminum in their products, you may keep workers from having to continue working with harmful metals.

Find the Perfect Aluminum Free Deodorant

Choosing to go aluminum free has so many benefits. It may prevent brain disorders, memory loss, breast cancer, bone disease, allergies, and more. Plus, it gets you back to a natural and more healthy you.

There are many aluminum-free deodorants that are made of solely natural products. By choosing 100% natural deodorants, you’re not only eliminating the risk of harmful exposure to toxins, but you’ll get all the benefits that the natural ingredients have to offer.

Our natural deodorants (Lovefresh, Routine, Penny Lane Organics, Crawford Street Skin Care) contain nutrient-rich and health motivating properties. They are cruelty-free and come in many different blends. Check out all of our natural deodorants and purchase a sample today.

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