facial serum

Facial serums are lightweight moisturizers that contain high concentrations of active ingredients like antioxidants, collagen, and vitamins. By design, these products deeply penetrate through the surface of your skin to renew its appearance in record time.

The benefits of a facial serum go above and beyond other products, as a serum can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, calm inflammation, and even reduce the signs of hyperpigmentation. Are you curious to find out how this all works?

Continue reading and we’ll tell you exactly why these products need to be added to your skincare routine right away!

The Benefits of Facial Serum

There’s a misconception among people who use beauty products that you don’t need to use a serum if you already use a moisturizer. These two products aren’t interchangeable and they both have a place in your beauty routine.

A moisturizer helps lock in all the products you’ve used on your skin by creating a protective barrier. This type of product sinks into your skin just enough, but it mostly sits on top of it.

Face serum, on the other hand, contains molecules that are much smaller than those in your moisturizer. This means they absorb deeper into your pores, which is what makes the magic happen.

Of all the products you use, your serum is the one that works the hardest at addressing your skin concern. Remember that moisturizer and serum play nicely together.

Here are 10 more reasons you need to add a facial serum to your regimen right away:

1. Increased Collagen Production

Our skin can begin to lose collagen when we’re as young as 30. This loss will speed up the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Whether you are looking to prevent these signs of aging before they start or reverse some of them, a skin serum with collagen boosting ingredients will help significantly.

Some of the most popular ingredients in serums that increase collagen are Vitamin C, retinol, Vitamin B3, and copper.

2. Sun Protection

This isn’t by any means a pass to a reason to skip out on sunscreen. But it is true that facial serum can offer some sun protection.

The antioxidants found in serums help strengthen your skin while they also work to repel the elements that can cause damage to it. When you combine these elements with an SPF moisturizer, you will stop sun damage and age spots in their tracks.

3. Reduces the Appearance of Circles Under the Eyes

If you have dark circles beneath your eyes, the right facial serum can help brighten your tired, overworked appearance. Opt for a brightening, regenerating formula for the under eye area and an even complexion all around.

Retinol is a great ingredient when used for these purposes. However, we have to warn about using this ingredient too liberally. Retinol can irritate your skin when you use too much of it. So, be sure to only use the recommended pea size amount.

Look for active ingredients like Vitamin C and citrus acids if your skin is sensitive to retinol.

4. Fast Results

Face serums are designed to produce results that are quicker than your average beauty product. But keep in mind that the speed of the results is dependent on the quality of your serum.

You will typically see results within the three days or so and after the first use in some cases. If you’ve had skin problems throughout your life, these results are definitely going to be impressive.

Keep in mind that the most important part of your serum delivering these results is that you keep up with your regimen. You have to apply your serum daily and continue to take care of your skin with other protective products like sunscreen and moisturizer.

5. Helps Heal Your Skin

Serums can reduce inflammation and calm the skin. These actions also speed up the healing process.

If you’ve noticed unsightly acne scars, small cuts, sunburn, or other blemishes on your skin, your serum might be able to help clear things up. Ingredients like apple stem cells, Vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid can help speed up this process.

Serums aren’t likely to heal deep set scarring, so be careful with that. You may end up needing a scar removing cream.

6. Keeps Skin Young Looking

Because serums release a high concentration of ingredients that pack a punch, you will look younger (or continue looking young) when you incorporate these products into your skincare routine. The majority of the ingredients in even the most basic serum work together for this purpose.

But if you really want to be sure your serum has strong firming abilities, look for one that contains antioxidants, collagen, and ultra moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

7. Bring Your Skincare Routine Up a Notch

After you apply a few drops to your face, a good serum will work for you by taking your skin to its next level. This is true even if you already have a clear, even complexion.

These products are formulated to change your skin while you deal with other aspects of your day.

8. Add Unmatchable Hydration

Maturing skin loses important nutrients that can cause it to wrinkle and sag. Moisturizing your skin provides a protective barrier that also makes your skin appear more radiant.

When you use a serum, you are getting this moisture and protection without weighing your skin down or making it appear greasy. As time goes, you will notice your skin feels softer and moisturized before you even shower and wash your face for the day.

Although it might be tempting, don’t skip out on a regular moisturizer after applying your serum. The moisturizer locks the serum in and helps it perform better.

9. Evens Out Skintone

Discoloration and hyperpigmentation are often caused by consistent UV exposure. While using sunscreen can help prevent additional spots from showing up, it can’t fade the damage that’s already been done.

A face serum can penetrate the surface of your skin in ways other products can’t. The best way to do it is to use products containing Vitamins A, C, and E. Hydroquinone and alpha hydroxy acids are also excellent for brightening these spots.

One day at the beach, however, can undo the work of these products. If you have to be in the sun, wear sunscreen and continue to apply it every two hours or so. Also, protect your face with a big floppy beach hat.

10. They Make You Prettier Overnight

Some serums are designed for overnight use. So, when you wash your face before bed, you can wake up to firmer, brighter skin.

Overnight face serums are known to contain high amounts of ingredients like essential oils, multiple vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids to renew your skin while you sleep without harsh effects.

Double down by using a moisturizing night cream. For an added bonus, sleep on a satin pillowcase because cotton and other fabrics can drain the moisture from your skin and cause wrinkling.

How to Apply Facial Serum

You should be washing your face and applying products like your face serum twice a day. Once when you start your day and another time at the end of the day before you go to bed.

There are some exceptions to this rule though. If you exercise or sweat throughout the day, you may want to squeeze in another face wash after those activities.

When you’re thinking about the changes that can be made to your skincare routine, keep in mind that natural products are the best way to go. Not only are they safer for the environment, they’re safer for your health.

This is how the steps of your skincare routine should look:

  • Wash face
  • Apply toner
  • Apply eye cream
  • Apply face serum
  • Apply moisturizer/SPF

When it comes to the serum part of this process, pat it onto your skin instead of rubbing it in like you would do a lotion. This will keep you from rubbing too harshly on sensitive areas like the skin surrounding your eyes. But it will also boost circulation and help the product sink into your skin better.


Not every facial serum is created equally.

When you are buying new products, you should always think about the goals you have for your skin and whether you have certain allergies or sensitivities.

For instance, a serum that focuses on reducing dark spots won’t be the best purchase for you if you prefer to focus on minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Natural products also tend to work best those who are allergic to the ingredients found in most mainstream brands.


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