You’re getting married, congratulations! You’re nervous and excited for your big day.

You’ve got your dress and your flowers, but what will your face wear? You don’t want to overdo it with the wedding day makeup. So, you scour Pinterest for natural wedding makeup but aren’t happy with the 29 step tutorials you find.

We don’t blame you. Here are ten easy and buildable tips you can use to have a fresh and beautiful wedding face.

1. Customize Your Shade

If you go into any good makeup store nowadays, you’ll find someone who can match your shade. At one store they have a fancy scanner, at another, they match by eye.

Both are perfectly fine ways to get matched. But what happens when you’re not perfectly color A or B? Some women just go with whichever they want – to be darker or lighter.

But that’s not what the pros do. If you can afford it, you should buy both shades. Then, you mix them in the morning on the back of your hand or in a pallet if you’re fancy.

This shade mixing assures that you get the perfect shade. It cuts down on obvious product lines under your chin or at your hairline. It’s the most natural way to apply your coverage.

2. Use White Liner

One of the most underutilized shades in makeup is white. It has more uses than you think, yet people still leave rows of white liner at the store.

What do you use it for? Well, looking more awake for one. If you take a white pencil and lightly line your waterline with it, it wakes your eyes up.

The white reflects light that wouldn’t usually catch and makes your eyes appear fuller. Asian women with smaller eyes use this trick all the time.

It’ll make you look like you don’t need makeup – not only look natural. It’s a trick drag queens have known for centuries.

To use this trick, get a waterproof white liner pencil. We prefer the pencil since it lets you build. Pull your lower eyelid down and run the pencil right at the base of your lashes. It should hit right on your eyelid line – between the lashes and the red fleshly bit. That’s your water line.

Let go of your lid and push any product below the line upwards. It should be a subtle effect – don’t overdo it. You aren’t trying to look like the White Witch!

3. Always Blend Down

Another tip that’s easy but no one seems to do it is to make sure your foundation coverage ombres out. What we mean by that is that you apply it down your chin and onto your neck.

You’re not looking for full coverage – you want to work the product into your face first. Once the sponge or applicator has a little product left, dab it under your chin and around the edges of your face.

Now there should only be traces of makeup left. Take the same applicator and dab it down your neck, so that the coverage seems to naturally fade out.

This stops you from having product lines or mismatched shades. Plus, if you use something with SPF, you’re protecting your neck. Many women neglect to add sunscreen to their neck and decolletage, so use this tip to not be one of them.

4. Buff Your Powder

If you apply a finishing powder, sheer or colored, you want to make sure it’s not cakey. A good way to do that is to use a large and puffy brush to get off any excess.

Once the product has been on your skin for ten seconds or so and you’re happy with your coverage, grab your biggest brush. Take it and lightly buff in circles on your skin.

This will grab the extra powder and take it off- or redistribute it. It’s the difference between cracked caked lines later in the day and . . . not having those.

5. Microblading

Not technically a makeup tip, but it is a tip that lets you use less makeup. The new trend of brow microblading is permanent makeup that we can really get behind.

Essentially the artist tattoos small hair looking strokes into your brows. It fills in sparse areas and ads shape while looking like natural hairs.

It’s getting more and more affordable and is great for big events like weddings. You will need a few months to heal and touch up, so schedule it 4-6 months out from the big day.

6. Skip the Clown Contour

Have you ever watched those makeup videos on YouTube and paused it to marvel at the connect a dot look on someone’s face? Contouring doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Yes, you still need bronzer and highlighter, but you can ignore the face shapes and crazy locations.

Instead, put your normal face on, but leave your top powder off. Take a matte bronzer and a contour brush. Start where the top of your ear meets your face and bring the brush under the cheekbone.

Stop about half an inch to an inch before you get to the corner of your lip.

Then blend it out and apply a coverage of powder.

7. Stay Away from Matte Lipstick

If you’re going for a natural look, matte lipsticks are not where it’s at. They’re beautiful and full coverage yes, but they’re not natural.

Our lips normally have some sort of moisture and aren’t caked with color. If a matte is all you have, you can dab it on with a finger to make sure the coverage isn’t too thick.

Then take a simple chapstick or lip balm and apply it over your lips. If you need to, blend the chapstick into your lips and disperse the color more.

If you’re buying lip products, look for something that says “tint” or has a satin finish. These are things that better imitate your natural lip texture and will look subtle on your big day.

8. Skip Bottom Liner

For some people (and you have to experiment) bottom lid liner makes their eyes look smaller. Mostly, we find it’s women who have naturally large eyes.

Instead of lining your bottom lids with the same color as your top lid, try a light shade. Our white liner trick looks great for these women.

If you’re not comfortable going sans-bottom coverage, only add the product to the outer corner. Bring your eyeliner in to about the center of your eye from the outer corner.

Then blend the line where it stops so it’s not obvious. You can still add bottom mascara, but don’t go too heavy. You don’t want spider bottom lashes.

In fact, only apply mascara to your bottom lashes once you’ve used the bulk of the product on the wand. We usually do so after we apply our top mascara and it comes out perfectly.

9. Have a Healthy Base

If you’re trying to avoid a doll face or cake look, it starts at the bottom of your routine.

That’s to say, your base natural skin. Find a primer that has moisturizing ingredients. It should even out your skin and make sure that no product sticks to flakes or dry areas.

Give it a few minutes (2-3) to soak into your skin before you start applying makeup over it. This will keep you from being too dewy.

10. Buy Undereye Concealer

Finally, if you want to look natural – but “I get 10 hours of sleep every night” natural, don’t double dip into your foundation for your dark circles.

Spend the extra money to get an undereye concealer. They work differently, covering up different color pigmentations. Yes, it’s extra blending and an extra product, which seems counterintuitive to the natural look.

But we promise it’s not. The difference you’ll see in the look of your skin and your eyes is worth the extra step.

The best way to apply undereye concealer is in a triangle under your eye. If it’s a liquid formula, place three drops. One under your inner corner, one under your outer corner and one about an inch down from the center of your eye.

If you’re using a stick or a wand, place dots with it, with a medium amount of product.

Then, take your blending tool and work under your eye from your nose out. Then, take the coverage down, blending out the edges and the center dot.

Apply your face product over the eye concealer and get ready to look much more awake!

Combining These Tips for Natural Wedding Makeup

That was a lot of tips, but it’s okay. They all build on each other to make an I’m-still-wearing-makeup-but-not-too-much natural type look.

Make sure you have an undereye concealer that matches your skin tone and then apply your blend of foundations over it. Make sure you apply down your skin and onto your neck.

Then line your waterline with white eyeliner, even if it’s almost invisible. Gently brush mascara onto your lower lashes and add your contour.

Then buff out any excess powder. Finally, pat any oily areas with oil absorbing tissues and your natural wedding makeup look is ready to go!

Congratulations – now go enjoy your big day!

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