Natural SunscreenWe all love to ensure that our skin is the best that it should be. As a result, owning sunscreen should be part of anyone’s skin regimen. There are so many things that people, especially women, apply to their skin to enhance its appearance. They are prone to wasting time and money in an effort to find products that best suit them. Thus, it is important to understand what it is exactly that we apply on our faces each day. For this reason, many people have found the need to use chemical-free products and that is what natural sunscreen is all about. 


Why not chemical sunscreen?

Many companies strive to provide products that do what the customer wants. However, some products may do the job but still are very harmful to the health of the users. Studies continue to show that chemical sunscreens may be tied to higher risks of cancer. Many of the chemical elements used in the production of sunscreens can be carcinogenic. Additionally, you need to constantly reapply chemical sunscreens in order for you to get protection from over exposure. This causes you to continuously apply the harmful agents on your skin hence causing you to increase your risks of the diseases mentioned above.


Why natural sunscreen?

These products are derived only from organic ingredients. They provide protection against the sun rays in the most natural way possible. While the sun is meant to be beneficial to our bodies, too much of anything is never a good thing. Therefore, in order to prevent complications that arise from too much exposure it is important to invest in sunscreen. A few minutes of exposure to the sun is obviously beneficial. But for the people that will spend a considerable amount of time out in the sun, sunscreen is very important. This includes activities such as running, cycling, walking and relaxing in the sun as well. Natural sunscreen however should be less damaging than the chemicals found in other chemical sunscreens.


While natural sunscreens are beneficial, it is sometimes difficult to find one that actually does the job. The best natural sunscreen should be able to protect you from the sun using all-natural ingredients. This should say so on the sunscreen itself. What ingredients should you look out for in natural sunscreen? Experts identify various minerals as being very beneficial to our skin in protection. These include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. 


Green Beaver offers a natural sunscreen line that is meant to provide maximum protection for all skin types. For instance, you can choose from the Adult Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lotion and spray that comes in either SPF 40 or SPF 27. Furthermore, there is also a Kid Natural Mineral sunscreen lotion and spray that is meant to provide gentle protection to children. Therefore, you can easily ensure that the whole family is protected when you choose Green Beaver Sunscreen. These products incorporate the safe minerals mentioned hence providing maximum natural protection.


Choosing the right products

Natural sunscreen sounds enticing to consumers. We always strive to be the healthiest we can be and going natural greatly assists in this process. In fact, the word “natural” has been known to attract many consumers on the going-green craze. However, some natural sunscreens may not do what they have so greatly advertised on doing. Many sunscreens boast of the ability to make you look younger. But, what matters is checking the ingredients to have an idea of what a certain natural sunscreen might do for you.


Natural sunscreens are greatly beneficial. Other than being a sun burn sunscreen, they do not contribute to the risks of getting skin cancer. The best face sunscreens have antioxidants that aid in the anti-aging process. Thus, they may actually make you look younger, depending on what ingredients are used. Additionally, excessive exposure brings about complications that leave your skin looking unfavorable hence making you look older. Thus, sunscreens such as those from Green Beaver contain ingredients that maintain the overall health of your skin.


What are other important benefits of natural sunscreen over chemical sunscreen?

First, mineral sunscreen is less irritating. This is because many chemicals can cause allergies and other reactions that many people are less tolerable to. These agents can cause life threatening complications for people who are seriously allergic to some chemicals. There are very many people with sensitive skin who cannot use some chemical sunscreens. Thus, natural sunscreen is the best since the minerals used reflect the rays off the skin in the most natural way. Therefore, anyone who wants to avoid synthetic chemicals will greatly benefit from using natural sunscreen.


As mentioned, the chemical elements in chemical sunscreen can be very harmful. They are also harsher on our skin as compared to natural ingredients. Many of the chemicals used in chemical sunscreens have been known to cause harm to the environment. For this reason, it is no different when we apply them on our skin. Thus, it is advisable to switch to natural sunscreen that is gentler on our skin and the environment as well.


Other than that, natural sunscreen provides protection long after application. Other sunscreens have time limits that people must adhere to. You have to reapply as per the instructions in order to receive maximum protection. However, natural sunscreen offers protection in the long term. This is because the natural ingredients remain in our bodies even after the recommended time of reapplication. It allows us to be protected 24/7 because they contribute to the overall health of the skin.


Furthermore, natural sunscreen offers broader protection. Other sunscreens have been known to provide protection against UVB rays only. But, natural sunscreen protects against both UVB and UVA rays. The mineral zinc oxide found in the natural sunscreens such as those provided by Green Beaver is known to protect against such rays. Therefore, the best sunscreen should be the one that is created from natural ingredients. Making the switch from chemical to natural sunscreen will showcase the importance of choosing to go organic when it comes to skin products. 

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