Natural DeodorantsDeodorants have been used for many years, and both men and women in today's society are generally expected to use them on a daily basis. It's less accepted for a woman to smell like natural body odor than it is for a man to do the same, so women must be especially careful about their deodorant usage.

With that in mind, some women don't like deodorant because of all the chemicals in the most common brands. Fortunately, there are natural deodorant options available, so women can smell great and feel confident without the need to use harsh chemicals on their bodies.

Choose an Aluminum Free Deodorant

If you're looking for natural deodorant in Canada, an aluminum free option could be best for you. Aluminum has been implicated in breast cancer and other health problems, although no studies actually prove a definite link. Still, it's enough to make many women want to stay away from deodorants that contain aluminum, which rules out using the majority of commercially produced options. While some are free from aluminum, they may contain other harsh chemicals to make up for it. In the long run that doesn't really help women stay healthier and feel better about their deodorant while still keeping that fresh, clean feeling.

Some manufacturers only put aluminum in antiperspirants, and may make deodorants that are free from this chemical. However, the majority of deodorant products are also antiperspirants, so it's not always possible for you to buy one without the other. Reading the labels is very important, too, because not every deodorant that says it's natural really is. Some of them still contain chemical compounds that you really don't want on your skin and soaking into your pores. Choosing wisely, and choosing aluminum free options whenever possible has the potential to reduce health risks for women.

A Natural Deodorant May Be Right for You

Not only are these aluminum free, but they're also free of chemicals that are commonly seen in deodorants that are used commercially. Some are even free of baking soda, which can occasionally cause irritation in some people. If you have very sensitive skin you could need a different deodorant than what most people would use, even if you already use natural products. Don't be afraid to try different options in the natural deodorant realm until you locate something that you like and that really works for you and meets your needs.

Be sure to explore natural choices when you're trying to find the right deodorant, as not using harsh chemicals in deodorant can reduce the chances of itching, rash, and skin irritation that can happen with commercially created deodorant products. Flower oils, clay, beeswax, shea butter, and olive oil are common ingredients in organic deodorants, and there are also vegan options that don't use beeswax or any other type of animal products. No matter what type of product you're looking for, there are natural deodorant and aluminum free deodorant options to choose from for better health.

Consider Something Magnesium Based

The majority of natural deodorants have a baking soda base. That's generally fine for most people, but it's not right for everyone. Some people actually have a mild allergy to baking soda, and others simply have such sensitive skin that baking soda acts as an irritant. With that in mind, you'll want to consider whether the deodorant you're using, even if it's natural, is causing any kind of rash or other problem with your skin. If it's making you itch, turning your skin red, or just generally not doing what it's supposed to in protecting your skin and reducing odor, it may be time to try something else for better results.

Instead of trying other baking soda based deodorants that will likely give you the same result, consider using a magnesium based option, instead. When you choose a magnesium base you reduce your chances of allergic reactions and help protect your sensitive skin. It's a great way to make it easier for you to use the natural deodorant products you want without struggling with allergies and irritation. You shouldn't have any type of allergy to magnesium, so that's not going to be as much of a concern as the baking soda. Most people who can't use baking soda based deodorants have no trouble with a magnesium base.

So, What's the Bottom Line When Choosing?

The best option is always to buy from a company that offers natural and organic products specifically, so you don't accidentally end up with something else or find that what you thought was "all natural" really isn't. Check out the company, and check out the products. The ingredients should be listed on the packaging and on the website. If you can try before you buy, great, but that's not usually possible with deodorant. Choosing what you feel best about and giving it a try may be the only way to go. It's possible you'll try a few different scents and options before you find what really works best for you.

Don't give up trying to find a natural deodorant you feel good about. There are a number of great options from companies that are very careful about what they put into their products. If you're vegan you can also find options that don't have any animal products, and companies that don't test their products on animals. There are excellent choices for women who want to protect their health and use natural products, including deodorant.

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